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Update on Netflix Proxy Error 2017 We’ve been doing a large amount of testing and listening to VPN users on social media as well as talking to customer live chat agents from various VPN providers. It’s been nearly a year now since Netflix starting the Netflix Proxy Error crusade! When I first encountered the Netflix Proxy error, I had a bad feeling that Netflix wouldn’t so easily...[Read More]

PureVPN Gives UP Logs to Catch Internet Stalker

PureVPN, a popular VPN provider, recently just gave up private logs in order to help the FBI track down an internet stalker. Ryan Lin, age 24 from Newton, Massachusetts, was arrested on charges that he cyber-stalked his former roommate, Jennifer Smith. Lin was caught posting passwords Smith’s online accounts, posting intimate photos of her, posting fake profiles of her, inciting bomb threats, deat...[Read More]

Which is the Fastest VPN – TorGuard vs PIA vs IPVanish VPN?

Our top 3 rated VPNs are all very good VPNs to use. They all have top notch 256-AES encryption, no log policies, great customer support, excellent apps that are  supported and updated, as well as fair pricing schemes. Sure there are little variations here and there between Private Internet Access, TorGuard, and IPVanish, but for the most part, you can’t go wrong with one of them. Other VPNs ...[Read More]

Which Countries Ban Torrenting / P2P?

Various countries around the world aren’t fond of P2P activity and torrenting. But most countries don’t ban it. The reason being is that countries can’t really effectively ban the BitTorrent protocol since most torrent clients can bypass restrictions. If you have come here for that answer, then you can leave if you wish. The answer is that not any country bans P2P/BitTorrent per ...[Read More]

What is a Mini VPN Router? And Why Use One?

Virtual private networks are amazing tools to use. You can find them both in the private consumer sector and used around the world by businesses in the more public sector provided by companies like Cisco. However, more and more people at home are turning to VPNs just to access the internet, or to protect them self from snooping internet service providers in 2017. Whether you plan on traveling, sim...[Read More]

How to Use a VPN with Destiny 2 to block DDOS and Play at School

Destiny 2 for PC is coming out soon, but Destiny 2 for PS4/Xbox One is already out. That means players are burning through strikes, soon-to-be raids, and PVP sessions in the crucible. The game is well received, and looks to be another strong “Bungian” entry into the FPS-MMORPG world. In the past, we covered how to prevent DDOS attacks in Destiny 1. The reason being that PVP games were ...[Read More]

How to Use Steam in Malaysia  with a VPN

Steam is perhaps the best gaming store on the internet, but it’s also an incredible place to chat with friends and keep track of your game time. Steam is host to thousands of indie games, triple A games, and many more to come. This is why when Steam gets banned in places like Malaysia, it’s quite unfortunate. Just recently, on September 8th, the entire Steam gaming platform was banned in Mal...[Read More]

What is the Best VPN for iPhone iPhone 8 and iPhone X?

If you want the best VPN for your brand spanking new iPhone 8 or iPhone X , then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve personally tested many iPhone VPNs with our own credit card investing time and effort in testing iPhone VPN speeds and how they perform. Picking a VPN can be hard, and while it’s fairly easy on PC to find a “decent” VPN, finding a VPN provider that has a good mobile app is a bi tr...[Read More]

Zenmate VPN


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Zenmate VPN is a smaller VPN provider based in Germany. Are they worth using? Check out the full Zenmate VPN review.

Zenmate VPN Review


Zenmate VPN Review Summary Verdict Zenmate VPN is not a bad VPN, but it can’t go stride for stride with the best of the best. With a decent pricing scheme, fair speeds, and an OK app–it gets the job done well, but it doesn’t excel. Intro to Zenmate Review Zenmate is a VPN based in Berlin, Germany. The app is customization to extent with various languages like German, Turkish, Kor...[Read More]

Hotspot for iPhone Good? Hotspot Alternatives?

Hotspot Shield VPN is one of the most popular VPN apps on the iOS and Android stores. Automatically, you might think this is a good VPN service, and it’s something that can be trusted and used due to it ranking so high. However, as you’ve seen with other apps in Top 25 lists–just because something is downloaded and used, doesn’t mean that it’s worth using / playing. Most of the high quality ...[Read More]


Are you looking to make some money on Draft Kings  Daily Fantasy Sports? In 2017, there is a prize pool of 1 BILLION. That’s insane right? If you are, and you live in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Arizona, Iowa, Louisana, Alabama, or Delaware you might find that your access to the site is blocked by your geo-restriction. In fact, if you’re anywhere besides Canada or the UK, you m...[Read More]

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