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Other Websites to Use Besides TorrentHound?

While TorrentHound has been a popular place to get online for all kinds of great torrents, it has been blocked in a variety of places around the world. There are a number of alternatives to TorrentHound that you can use though. These are sites that offer a variety of great ways for you to find and download torrents of all sorts. These all work especially well if you have a proper VPN to help you w...[Read More]

What Is the Best Unblock Video Proxy?

A proxy server can help you to get online to stay secure and private. This is important if you are aiming to download video files or even stream them online. A proxy works as a connection between you and a remote location. It establishes a tunnel in which all communication points will move through. This should offer a smarter and more controlled arrangement for getting videos accessible and easy t...[Read More]

What is the Best Place to Download Music Torrents?

Today you can get a number of great music torrents from a variety of providers. This is thanks to the use of the BitTorrent P2P protocol. But in order to find these torrents, you have to get to proper places that offer a good variety of such files. Here are a few of the best places for you to think about when aiming to download all kinds of music torrents. The Pirate Bay The Pirate Bay has been op...[Read More]

What Is the Most Popular P2P Software?

Today you can choose from one of many different types of P2P software programs for your download needs. These work as BitTorrent clients in particular. These help you to download files from people without having to go through centralized servers. Here is a look at the most popular P2P software options that you can choose from today. These include a great assortment of options that fit in with your...[Read More]

How to Buy Proxies For Cheap

A proxy is a unique option for getting online that helps you stay secure. A proxy operates as an intermediary between your computer and the online world. In a typical setup, the traffic that goes through a proxy will be through an IP address linked to your computer. But with a new proxy setup, you can work with a separate IP address outside of your own. This helps you to stay protected while onlin...[Read More]

Is a VPN on an iPhone Safe?

A VPN can be used to help you get online anonymously and to avoid any local censorship or content restriction blocks. The strong encryption that comes with a VPN makes it more powerful than many other standard security measures like a firewall or antivirus program. Today you can use a VPN on mobile devices. The Apple iPhone particularly works with VPN support. But is it a safe option to have? Gett...[Read More]

What Are the Best Series on Hulu in 2017?

Hulu has become a very popular online streaming service for you to check out. There are many quality series in particular for you to look forward to watching. Best of all, you can use a VPN like TorGuard to get online.  Originals for Hulu in 2017? With Hulu, you can check out a variety of entertaining original programs. Check out 11.22.63, a series based on the Stephen King novel of the same name....[Read More]

How to Unblock Trailer Park Boys on Netflix

Trailer Park Boys is one of the best TV shows in existence. It’s been going on FOREVER, in fact, since 2001–which is crazy. But the show just keeps getting better and better, and the 11th Season of Trailer Park Boys released on March 2017, is one of the best ones yet. It takes the character development to a new level, and you’ll discover new levels of “crazy” among ma...[Read More]

More Americans Going for VPN Services Following the Trump Administration Privacy Rollback

When Donald Trump took office, his controversial nature was one of the key points everyone noted. A change was inevitable. This what can be said of his current decision of rolling back the privacy laws put in place by the Obama administration. This has had huge impacts on how people behave online. Initially, most users of VPN services were companies and individuals who worried about their online p...[Read More]

How to Use a VPN on Samsung Galaxy S8 Devices

The Samsung Galaxy S8 might be one of the more appealing Android-powered phones to come from the Samsung company in a while. Its 4G LTE connection will get you online quickly. The 4GB RAM and Android 7.0 operating system especially establish a better overall experience that is modern and easy to load up. However, it is still subject to various blocks from firewalls just like any other mobile devic...[Read More]

How to Use Private Internet Acces with Plex for Port Forwarding

The Plex app is an exciting media server program that lets you enjoy media on a variety of devices. With this, you can get free digital broadcasts from all corners of the world. As you use it, you can log onto an account to reach a variety of free broadcasts of all kinds. You can use this to quickly get online and have fun watching programs of all sorts no matter where you are. But to enjoy this, ...[Read More]

Which VPNs Support Dash as a Payment Option?

Dash coin is another altcoin cryptocurrency looking to reshape the future of cryptocurrencies. Dash coin is similar to some other currencies, but like all individual cryptos, it has significant differences. Dash operates on a decentralized governance, but it has a budgeting system which means that a certain amount of coins go to a treasury which helps developers build out dash into a bigger platfo...[Read More]

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