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Traveling Overseas? Here’s Why you Need a VPN

Travelling is part and parcel of life. Some people work in sectors that require them to travel outside their country. Some are fond of traveling and jump on the first opportunity to travel abroad. Whatever is the case, it cannot be denied that traveling is an important part of everyone’s life, be it for professional or recreational purposes. However, traveling should not come in the way of your in...[Read More]

Avoid Government Surveillance by Going Online Via a VPN

Ever since Edward Snowden dropped the ball on government surveillance on US citizens, it has been revealed that other governments monitor their citizens as well. Many governments actively spy on their own citizens. Almost everything that you share and do on the internet is kept track of. The authorities justify this blatant violation of privacy as means to preserve the national security. With each...[Read More]

What are the Internet Privacy Rights By Country?

Just because you are free to do whatever you want online in your home country doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about how your data is be used. Online privacy rights are varied throughout all parts of the world. You must be cautious when online regardless of where you go. United States While much of the online world is open and free for you to explore in the United States, your content could be...[Read More]

How to Use a VPN to Stream and Unblock Putlocker

What is Putlocker? Putlocker is a site that gives you access to a large variety of files for streaming TV Shows and movies directly to your computer. You can watch these shows and movies completely or free without having to purchase any software or sign up for any monthly subscriptions. Unlike streaming services like Netflix or Hulu which have distribution deals with the major productions studios ...[Read More]

How to use uTorrent Anonymously

Utorrent is one of the most popular and well established BitTorrent clients available. It is completely free and developed directly by BitTorrent inc, Utorrent is a major player in the word of torrent clients, and has an estimated install rate of 5% of on PCs using Windows. Utorrent is expected to gain even more popularity in the next few years. With so many active users and installations, users c...[Read More]

How to Protect Yourself against Password Attacks with a VPN

Passwords are used for one reason alone; to limit the accessibility of personal accounts to yourself. Be it for your online bank account, social media account, or an account on any other website, passwords are put in place to keep your account safe from malicious users. But such users are always on the lookout to gain access to your account for rewards of their own. But such users are always on th...[Read More]

How You Can Unblock Instagram From Any Spot With a VPN

As great as Instagram can be, it is often challenging to try and get on it at times. This comes as it is frequently blocked in a variety of spots. This is due to regulations in some properties or even from censorship standards in some parts of the world. It is easy to unblock Instagram no matter where you are. You just need to use a VPN to make it work. Where Can You Unblock Instagram with a VPN? ...[Read More]

How to Watch Hotstar Outside India

Hotstar is arguably the best free streaming service that offers the latest live events, as well as popular movies and TV shows. This service provider comes from India, which is why you may encounter some issues trying to connect to it if you’re located out of India. You can see how this can be rightfully dubbed unfair, as Hotstar has over 50.000 hours of free entertainment, in many different langu...[Read More]

How to Unblock Rarbg

Are you looking to use Rarbg to download torrent files? Rarbg is a great website that we’ve used in the past. It launched in 2008, and since then its become a fan favorite of million of users looking for HD quality video. It doesn’t have a ton of ads, and the interface on the site is actually quite useful. As a bonus, the site often hosts new torrent files for movies, and it’s ea...[Read More]

What are Good Pirate Bay Alternatives?

ThePirateBay has been my favorite torrent website for a long time. The site doesn’t really have obnoxious ads (once you install adblock) and downloading torrent files is very easy since the links on the site don’t trick you into visiting other sites or in installing malware. ThePirateBay is also heavily moderated forcing people to put things into the right categories and most files that contain ma...[Read More]

Which VPNs Support Zcash As Payment?

Bitcoin is a great cryptocurrency in many ways since the Bitcoin network isn’t owned by anyone and the transaction fees are very low. It’s very easy to use, and it’s growing bigger and bigger as the market adapts and reaches new highs in 2017. However, there are some problems with it that other cryptocurrencies like Zcash and Navcoin try to solve. One of the faults of Bitcoin is that every transac...[Read More]

Which VPNs support Navcoin?

If you’re not a fan of Bitcoin, or you just have some Navcoin laying around, you might want to spend it on a VPN. In many ways, Navcoin is like Bitcoin’s younger cousin, so it shouldn’t be a huge surprise or inconvenience to find a VPN provider that supports it as a payment option. However, there aren’t really too many VPN options out there that do. However, the VPNs that do support Navcoin as a p...[Read More]

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