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UPDATE 2017: ExpressVPN is no longer verified to be working with Netflix. Instead, use TorGuard and purchase a dedicated IP.  Are you looking to find out how to watch Netflix with ExpressVPN? Well, you’ve come to the right place, since we just tested this method as of 6/23/2016 to find it working with Netflix. ExpressVPN is one of our top rated VPNs for many reasons. In our review, we loved ...[Read More]


In this article, we are going to cover how to stop internet tracking. You might not even be aware of how much websites are tracking you on the web–but the tools and processes that can track you can get quite complicated. For this article, we won’t dive into what makes a cookie or dynamics of online fingerprinting. Instead, we’re going to explain in simple terms what tracks you on the interne...[Read More]


Kodi is a popular platform for users looking to stream media content from their home computer to their TV. At its core, Kodi is an open source program that is essentially a user interface that lets you play content. It’s available on Linux, Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, and streaming sticks. Kodi can play music, movies, TV shows, pictures, PVR and live TV. You can even customize how Kodi looks with...[Read More]

Is Tor Safe?

If you’ve been wondering about the effectiveness of the Tor network, I can’t blame you. With recent articles from ArsTechnica bashing VPNs and promoting Tor mashed up against constant news updates about various Tor breaches and compromised exit nodes–it seems like there’s a bunch of misinformation as well as general uncertainty about the Tor network. Is Tor dangerous? Is it secure? Is it eve...[Read More]


One of our critiques in our ExpressVPN review was that it only had support for two simultaneous devices. Compared to competitors like TorGuard and Private Internet Access, who have 5, two is quite weak. However, now, in a recent update, ExpressVPN has added more support for more devices. Today ExpressVPN announced that they now provide support for three simultaneous devices without any need to upg...[Read More]

Best VPNs for the Military

If you are in the military, you can expect to be traveling to places outside of the United States. Other countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, or even Russia have different internet restrictions and laws that might make it, so it’s hard to call your family on Skype, or even prevent you from watching adult content. While traveling around the world, you might encounter online video game restric...[Read More]


VPNs are great for a ton of things–whether you need to encrypt your information at a coffee shop, so a malicious hacker doesn’t steal your Facebook login, or if you need a secure way to torrent at home. They can also be useful to watch streaming content around the world, or even access video games early. Read more: Best VPNs for Netflix Mid 2016 VPNs have become easier and easier to use, and...[Read More]

Watch Game of Thrones Online

Are you entranced by trailers showing wolves, grungy barbarous men, or perhaps even dragons? Did you read the books and want just a little bit more? Or maybe you just want to see some scantily clad woman in a fantasy setting? If any of these apply, then you might be interested in Game of Thrones–a epic fantasy show that is sweeping across the globe quicker attracting attention from fantasy-h...[Read More]

Do I Need a VPN as a Student?

Whether you’re just about to enter college at USC, or it’s your fourth year at Harvard or Stanford, or even if you’re just in high school, you should be using a VPN. VPN stands for virtual private network, and as you’ll come to find out, they are very useful. What is a VPN? VPNs are security tools used among businessmen, everyday internet users, and yes–even students! A VPN works by sending ...[Read More]

What is the Best Canada VPN?

Whether you’re just visiting Toronto, or living in Montreal, you should be using a VPN. VPN stands for virtual private network–and it’s a tool that is fast becoming mandatory for Canadian citizens. Why use a VPN in Canada? Personal Protection If you’re living in Canada, you can use a VPN to access unblocked content unavailable in Canada. VPNs let you access larger libraries and i...[Read More]

Use Chromecast with VPN

Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku–these are all popular streaming devices, but a lot of them are quite different than the Chromecast. Most of these devices are black boxes with controllers that have interfaces you can interact with as well as channels and applications you can use. These media boxes/devices are great for a lot of purposes, but they do cost a significant price–around $100. Wha...[Read More]

How to Unblock Roku

In a lot of ways, the Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon TV, and other streaming devices like the Xbox One and Ps4 have garnered more attention than Roku lately. These platforms have sneaky little gimmicks that appeal to audiences–like fancy touch controllers, sleek design, or falsely advertised mega-app stores–as well as vigorous marketing campaigns. However, at the end of the day, Roku sti...[Read More]

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