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Astrill Problems? Try TorGuard VPN

Are you having problems with Astrill VPN? Since March of 2016, we have been seeing a lot of complaints about this VPN provider on our Twitter, but also in user reviews here on Best10VPN. Users seem dissatisfied with Astrill VPN since they have had extended outages, poor customer service, and overall connection problems. Two of Best10VPN viewers left these comments: “The biggest letdown and disappo...[Read More]


If you’re here, that might mean that you want access to an uncensored internet. The United Arab Emigrates is one of the worst spots in the world if you want to retain your internet freedom since a long list of topics, services, and platforms are blocked by the government. Blocked items can include anything pornographic, or even services that help users remain anonymous through encrypted text messa...[Read More]

How to Use Tixati with VPN

In this guide, I’ll show you how to use Tixati with VPN. Using Tixati with a VPN is incredibly easy, super efficient, and it won’t break you wallet. Anyone can, and should, do it. What can you tell me about Tixati? Tixati is a smaller BitTorrent program that is perfect for people who like a minimalist client. The client uses an old school dark contrast bright colored style. With Tixati...[Read More]

How to Unblock Vudu Outside the US

Vudu is one of the most popular media streaming websites there is. You can rent and watch tons of movies as well as TV shows easily and quickly with excellent quality. Movies like Deadpool, Star Wars, and shows like Black Sails and the Flash are available.   Vudu is a great way to avoid spending money or leaving the house to make use of old DVDs. The only bad news is that Vudu is only availab...[Read More]

Hotspot Shield


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Hotspot Shield is a VPN that offers both free and paid models for you to try out. But is this VPN worth using in either form? Read the Hotspot Shield review to find out!



  Hotspot Shield is one of the few VPNs out there to offer a free version for you to use. We don’t recommend using a free VPN if you’re serious about security, but it’s always good that you can test out the product for free, and then upgrade if you want to. In this Hotspot Shield review, we will uncover the truth about this VPN–and decide if you should throw your money at their company,...[Read More]


If you’re in the  UK, chances are you might be using Sky Broadband as an internet service provider. And if you’re here, reading this article, you might be very annoyed that your ISP is taking liberty to censor what content you can access on the internet, even if it might be considered somewhat “unseemly.” In this guide, we will show you how to get around sky filtering system so you can unblock por...[Read More]


After just finishing up our Best VPN for China in 2016 post, we thought it’d be appropriate to help out users who couldn’t access Gmail in China.This post will show you how to unblock Gmail in China. Gmail is one of the best email services around, with a great organization, and easy access to the rest of the Google ecosystem (Google docs, calendar, etc.). It’s convenient, free, and easy to use. Ho...[Read More]

Best VPN for China in 2016

Are you looking to try out the best VPN for China in 2016? If you’re in China, you must know how great a VPN is in the current age. China has carefully constructed one of the world’s most advanced country-wide firewall, entitled the Golden Shield project. This project works through deep packet inspection to isolate users who are going against internet laws. This means that things poste...[Read More]


Since July 2015, Malaysia has blocked over ten websites including online news websites and private blogs. These sites reported controversial news that the government wanted to be kept secret. One such site is The Malaysian Insider–a censorship scandal so big that the U.S. Department of state commented on the issue. While past news seems outrageous, things seem only to be getting worse. Now, ...[Read More]

Difference between SmartDNS and VPN

If you’re looking to stream media online, chances are you have heard of VPNs and SmartDNS. However, you might not have a clear idea on the difference between SmartDNS and VPN. Do you need both? One or the other? Which is better, and why? In this article, we’ll give you the answers to those questions, and then some! What is SmartDNS? SmartDNS is essentially a proxy that many companies sell as a med...[Read More]

New VPN Subreddit Contest

Are you looking for Reddit community with great moderators that can help you with any VPN question you have? Or maybe you’re just tired of how dead /r/VPN has gotten since moderators became more like censorship nazis. It doesn’t matter if you’re a VPN noob with questions or a VPN expert with advice, come check out this new subreddit at We want ...[Read More]

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