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We’ve custom made a VPN quiz that will help you pick the right VPN for you. We only picked VPN providers that provide the highest speeds, had good applications (both mobile + PC), and all around good VPN service worth your money.  So, which VPN is right for you? Good luck!



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SaferVPN is a VPN built to be pretty. It's user-friendly and workable, even if it might fall short with mediocre speeds and slow servers.

SaferVPN Review


SaferVPN is a newer VPN that keeps it simple. But are SaferVPN’s services too simple to remain useful? Keep reading to find out in this SaferVPN review! Pricing 9/10 SaferVPN has an attractive pricing scheme that lets you get a cheaper monthly subscription if you only want to use one device at a time with the VPN. This price comes in at $5.99 which is among the lowest we’ve seen. The s...[Read More]

Astrill VPN Review


Astrill VPN is a massive VPN in China, touted as one of the best VPNs for protecting against censorship enhanced by state of the art security features. But does Astrill VPN deserve such accolades? In this Astrill VPN review, we’ll go over what makes Astrill stand out, but we’ll also cover out some of its dirty secrets. UPDATE 5/26/2016: We’ve had numerous complaints from users sa...[Read More]

Astrill VPN


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Astrill VPN is a spacey VPN with some good core features and a troublesome signup process.


BBC iPlayer is a great streaming service available for people who live in the UK. For those of you not in the UK,  BBC iPlayer is unavailable. Similar to Netflix, BBC is also actively blocking VPN provider IP addresses which make it difficult to access iPlayer if you’re using the wrong VPN.  BBC does not want you getting free access to their content since they have deals with networks to use...[Read More]

Unblock-US and UnoTelly Services Gutted after Paypal Restrictions

Many a VPN and SmartDNS solutions serve users by letting them access restricted content. The main way these services work is by changing a user’s IP address to another location so that they can access content without geo-restrictions. Since Netflix‘s aggressive push towards enforcing geo-restrictions, Paypal has also proven aggressive by edging out proxy providers that allow users to g...[Read More]

VPN vs Seedbox

VPNs and Seedboxes are two commonly used security tools used to download torrents. You might think that BitTorrenting is fine as is, but we are living in the age of copyright notices, snoopers, evil internet service providers, and oppressive dictatorship-like governments after all. Powerful governments and corporations aren’t content with user control and thus Internet freedom. In this guide...[Read More]

How to Check Your Torrent IP

When you use a BitTorrent program, you are leeching (downloading) and providing (seeding) files via a peer to peer protocol called BitTorrent. Each time you’re inside a download or providing one, you’re inside what is referred to as a “torrent swarm”. Each person in this swarm has a numerical value associated with their connection. This value is called an IP address. Like y...[Read More]


Were you looking to get your Hulu streaming on when you got a Hulu Proxy Error? Hulu can give this error if it detects that an anonymous proxy or VPN is being used to access Hulu. Hulu explains that it prohibits the use of a VPN or proxy on their website: “Due to contracts with our Content Partners and Advertisers, Hulu is unable to stream videos to users of Anonymous Proxy servers (because ...[Read More]

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