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How to Use US Netflix In Canada

Over 90 million people around the world subscribe to NETFLIX. Each subscription has an average of 2.5 users. That’s over 200 million people with access to the streaming service. But for users of any NETFLIX service outside of the US, there is the feeling that an inferior product is being put forth. NETFLIX Canada and others like it have thousands of NETFLIX Canada and others like it have thousands...[Read More]


Porn is still as big as ever, and if you’ve been reading any stats lately, it just keeps going and growing. However, while regular porn might be the present–what will be the future? I think that will be VR porn. Once consumer VR really takes off and becomes affordable, and if Google Trends is ANY indication, it’s will be on a  meteoric rise. It gives porn another edge–a hint of the unf...[Read More]

How to Use US Netflix in Mexico

The average Netflix user spends over 1.5 hours per day streaming with the service. For users of Netflix USA, this isn’t an issue because of their massive library. But for NETFLIX Mexico subscribers, the amount of quality content is limited and pales in comparison to its neighbor to the north. For example, since January 1st, 2017, less than 30 new titles have been added to the Mexico version of the...[Read More]


Porn is blocked in Iran due to strict censorship laws. It’s not “appropriate” for viewers to watch under the direction of the government, so the government has decided that ISPs are required to block the content and prevent access to horny citizens. If you’re here bursting to pop, stick around since we will give you clear directions on how to unblock porn in Iran. How to Unblock Porn in Iran ̵...[Read More]

How to Buy Dedicated VPN

Virtual private networks, or more commonly referred to as VPNs, are great because they give you a shared anonymous IP which you can hide behind when you are torrenting, trying to stay anonymous at airports, or just to secure your connection behind anonymity. However, sometimes you want to use a dedicated VPN, or more commonly referred to as a dedicated IP from your VPN. If you just want to find th...[Read More]


Are you a sneakerhead? Collecting shoes like Nike and showing them off to your friends and the world creates some amazing experiences. Each year there are more and more shoes to collect, and Nike doesn’t seem to stop innovating. Now, we might even be seeing different types of shoes like self-lacing shoes. You might be the type to purchase an expensive pair of Nikes and wear them to the bone, or yo...[Read More]

Torguard… Nailed It!


I am fairly new to the VPN game, but in a matter of a few weeks I used torguard extensively but left them due to my dedicated Ip (working with USA Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, & Google play) only reaching speeds of 30 Mbps on my 100 Mbps cable provider connection. I tried 2 other VPN companies, one being PURE VPN and quickly found that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. I quick...[Read More]



I have found that when I use Private Internet Access, my device is constantly being port scanned by someone using their service.

Is PureVPN Good? 6 Things They Don’t Tell You about PureVPN

Is PureVPN good? We already covered them in an extensive PureVPN review here where you can see some of the good/bad, but today we are going to take another updated look at the service in 2017 to give you a bit of an update of what we think of the service to help you decide if you should use the VPN, or stay far far away in another galaxy. Is it all bad? Today I’ve come up with some major points th...[Read More]

What is a Good VPN for Pirating?

Choosing a good VPN for pirating is essential since you need to ensure your IP won’t leak, your speeds won’t be affected, and it’s easy to use.  In this guide, we will help you choose the best VPN for pirating so you can not only have a good torrenting experience but a safe one as well. Keep in mind we are making this guide since some VPNs like Tunnelbear or other free VPNs like Cyberghost, Hide.M...[Read More]

Best BTGuard Alternatives

BTGuard is one of the oldest VPN providers around that made a name for itself as a premier VPN provider for torrenting. However, since it’s creation, it’s taken a downward turn in terms of speed, services, and overall usability. They barely even manage the service/website anymore, and you can see that very clearly just by looking at the bottom of the main page. It still says “Netcrawled LLC 2014”....[Read More]

How to Unblock Clash of Clans in Iran

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular and successful mobile games in the world. You can find the game on Twitch, TV ads, and it’s always on the top of app stores. It has hundred of thousands of users, and even more in revenue which is put back into the game with constant updates that make the game bigger and better. The only bad news is that Iran doesn’t like the game anymore. Just recently, I...[Read More]

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