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ExpressVPN and IPVanish are two of the most premium VPNs you can find. People rely on these VPNs for their security needs as well as reliable services. But which VPN is right for you? It’s not an easy question to answer, IPVanish VPN vs. ExpressVPN, especially since these two services each have some amazing offerings. We’ve distilled the best of both in this simple comparison of IPVanish VPN vs. E...[Read More]


Is Netflix not available in your country? Netflix unavailability is a common issue for users in countries where Netflix hasn’t worked out content license deals for their content distribution. A majority of the content on Netflix isn’t owned by Netflix itself (new shows excluding) so they can’t necessarily show the same content for every country they expand to. However, that doesn’t mean that you h...[Read More]


I doubt the average person entering a Starbucks has VPNs on their mind. The crisp chocolatey, (sometimes burnt) scent of mocha invades their nostrils and the lazy music of the coffee shop lurs their mind into a false sense of security. By the time the average customer connects to the Wi-Fi connection on their phone, tablet, or mobile computer, they might as well be curled up next to a fireplace at...[Read More]


One of the most important uses of a VPN is mobile use. Whether that means corporate businessmen, who are on business trips, professional gamers on the go that need access to encrypted connections, or just the everyday person who wants their internet traffic to remain private. Let’s make that clear–using Wi-Fi at places like Starbucks or Airports on your smartphone/iPhone is never safe. It’s ...[Read More]


If you’re playing Video Games, you should be using a VPN. It doesn’t matter if you’re slaughtering people in Rust with a stone hatchet (or perhaps more recently Ark Survival Evolved), getting headshots in Counter-Strike, stealing Baron, or out macroing your opponent in Starcraft–a VPN can always be useful. But, how do you use a VPN in video games? Sometimes even the best answer can feel like...[Read More]

pptp vs sstp vs ipsec/l2tp vs openvpn vs ikev2

If you’ve just started your VPN, or just looked at your VPN application settings lately, you might have noticed multiple options to change your protocol within the VPN. Don’t be afraid, these protocols aren’t that complicated. VPN providers give users control to select which protocol they want to use within their VPN applications. These protocols include Point-to-Point Tunneling (PPTP), Layer 2 Tu...[Read More]


Torguard VPN and PIA VPN are both great VPN providers with thousands of customers who rely on them for their quality service. Both VPNs have caught our attention on Best10VPN, but for different reasons. Since these two VPNs are popular choices for users to compare, we decided to create a helpful comparison between the two help you decide which to use. Pricing Private Internet Access VPN PIA has on...[Read More]



The company behind VyprVPN has some old history as they started in 1994 as Golden Frog. Their original goal was to help users by creating an open and secure Internet experience while respecting privacy. VyprVPN is in many ways, an industry veteran, but can the older company behind it stand the test of time?VyprVPN has some old history as they started in 1994 as Golden Frog. Their original goal was...[Read More]



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VyprVPN is an ambitious VPN from industry veteran Golden Frog. They claim that they have the fastest speeds from their self-owned server network as well as powerful security protocols that enable VPN in strictly censored countries like China.



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IPVanish is a well respected VPN with an extensive server network and impressive speeds. They utilize powerful multi-featured applications to deliver quality performance and reliable connections.



IPVanish VPN is one of the most well-known and respected VPN providers. It boasts fantastic speeds–which makes sense since the company has a background in content delivery (CDN) where they have helped companies like Steam provide fast servers. Let’s take a look at IPVanish in this IPVanish Review and see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be. Pricing 8/10 IPVanish’s pricing feels very stan...[Read More]



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PureVPN wants to be the world's fastest VPN. It may give decent speeds, but can it's application offerings and unreliable services stand strong under our scrutiny?

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