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When first looking at TunnelBear VPN, you might scoff, or not take the VPN provider seriously. They have SERIOUS branding on their website, not only in the aesthetic design, but in the wording, and performance itself. That said, TunnelBear impressed us in some ways that many VPNs haven’t. Read on to find out how, in this TunnelBear VPN Review! Pricing 8.5/10 TunnelBear is one of the few VPNs...[Read More]


Torrenting without a VPN can be dangerous. Of course, this depends on what you’re downloading, but even if you’re downloading content that is not illegally shared, you still may not want others to know your IP address.  It doesn’t matter which application you’re using, whether that is uTorrent, BitTorrent, Vuze, or our favorite- qBittorrent–your IP  address is shown t...[Read More]

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Torrenting without a VPN is a risk. The reason is that your IP address becomes public to other users helping you download and share the file. Torrenting works through a peer to peer system and every user downloading a torrent file is in what is called a “swarm”. Worst case scenario is that some third party user enters the swarm to monitor and log the IP addresses of people downloading ...[Read More]


I’ve seen these two VPNs, TorGuard VPN, and AirVPN, come up in comparison numerous times.  Everyone wants to know which VPN is better! However, I haven’t seen a thorough objective approach to these two VPNs when comparing their strengths and weaknesses. This comparison of AirVPN Vs TorGuard VPN will help you decide which VPN to choose. Pricing AirVPN AirVPN has a great limited time com...[Read More]


Unfortunately, only the top tier VPN providers have designed mobile applications. Our favorite mobile applications are easy to use, and don’t require you to install a bunch of stuff or configure your settings to connect. A good mobile VPN application only requires you to tap connect, and then you’ll connect. Check out some of these VPN providers if you want a good iOS VPN provider. Sou...[Read More]

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SlickVPN is a gecko-themed VPN that markets itself as the fastest and most secure VPN there is. In this SlickVPN review, I’ll take a close look at some of the features that this VPN provides, as well as some improvements that it can make for it’s userbase. Pricing 8/10 SlickVPN offers standard payment options including anonymous Bitcoin. The one-month subscription feels familiar at $10...[Read More]

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SlickVPN--a gecko themed VPN out with a mission to hide your VPN use with proprietary security trick dubbed "Hydra". SlickVPN definitely stands out from the crowd with 256-bit AES encryption, good browsing speeds, and  company sold VPN routers.



With all of the crackdowns lately, I don’t feel safe using a VPN. However, a lot of these security features TorGuard pushes out are awesome. Maybe when another VPN catches up with their stealth options, there might be some competition. GJ TorGuard! Nice review BTW tom spark




Came here after my friend recommended TorGuard. I’m not exactly the best at VPNs, but TorGuard’s live chat really is something special. The app also works great on my iPhone 5s which is nice!


Netflix. The now-global behemoth that continues to expand it’s over 69 million user base. It’s a company that has commanded the attention of users on average for 10 billion hours a month. People rely on Netflix

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BolehVPN has been around since 2008, so it's had plenty of time to deliver quality service to customers. Check out our BolehVPN review to see a detailed analysis.

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BolehVPN is a Malaysia based company that started back in 2008. As a company, BolehVPN is very clear cut on their website as they carefully list extensive details on what makes their VPN different than others. Is eight years enough time for BolehVPN to become one of Best10VPN’s best? Keep reading for our BolehVPN review. Pricing 8/10 BolehVPN has a fair pricing model. BolehVPN prices it at $...[Read More]

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