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Ali is a freelance journalist with 5 years of experience in web journalism and marketing. He contributes to various online publications. With a master degree, now he combines his passions for writing about internet security and technology. When he is not working, he loves traveling and playing games.

What Are The Top 5 Best Bittorrent VPNs For Torrenting?

Many people often wonder if torrenting is possible through VPNs, and the answer is yes. VPN services have grown popular in the last several years, and they’ve become essential when it comes to protecting your privacy or hiding the fact that the pirated content is being downloaded. Of course, not all of the VPNs are equally good at doing what you want them to do. It is in your best interest t...[Read More]

FCC’s privacy rules voted out by the US Senate

The freedom to use and sell data collected by the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) such as Verizon, Comcast, and AT&T may soon be given back to these companies. The US Senate has passed a resolution to deny the FCC’s rules concerning the online privacy of the America’s internet users. Adopting means that the ISPs will now have permission to use and sell your browsing history and a...[Read More]

Socks Proxy VS VPN – Which is Better and Why?

Every day, more and more people decide to try to protect their online privacy and achieve as much anonymity as they can while surfing the web. There are many ways to stay anonymous, and even more are being developed that will be here in the future. For now, let’s check out some of them that are already here, compare them, and to see which method suits you best. In order to do that, this time...[Read More]

Does RuinMyHistory Stop ISPs From Tracking Data?

Since the new Bill concerning American’s online privacy has arrived, people are looking for ways to hide their browsing history, change their IP addresses, and generally bring any sort of protection and privacy into their online lives. One of the ways to do this is being brought to the eye of the public, and that is RuinMyHistory. The question is, does it really do the job, and are you safe ...[Read More]

How To Unblock USA Channels On Firestick With Vpn Tech

The Amazon Fire Stick is an awesome streaming device that you can have a lot of fun time with, provided you live inside the borders of the United States of America. If you don’t, the chances that you’ve had an opportunity to enjoy it are quite small. However, we bring you a way to unlock and watch all of the USA channels that you couldn’t access before on your personal Amazon Fir...[Read More]

How to Change Google Play Store Region

As some of you might know, there is a thing called the Google Play Store region. Every country has their own, and it basically means that TV shows, apps, games, movies and the rest of the things that can be obtained through the use of Google Play Store are different for every country. If you wish to obtain the access to some of the other countries Google Play Store region, you’ve come to the...[Read More]

How to Watch US Netflix in Norway

Many of the Norwegians are not exactly happy and satisfied with their Norwegian Netflix library. It is known that Netflix USA boats a lot more movies and series. If you already have the Norwegian version, and you are wondering how to get to American Netflix, you’ve come to the right place. When you finish reading this text, you’ll be perfectly capable of getting US Netflix outside of t...[Read More]

How To Prevent your ISP from Tracking Your Data

As you may have heard, the recent vote of the United States Senate brought a Bill that, if approved, allows your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to sell your browsing history and other personal data to third parties, and they don’t even need your approval to do that anymore. This means that everyone who appreciates their online privacy has to find some way to fight back and keep it for thems...[Read More]

Does my ISP Spy on Me?

The US Senate had a vote on March 23, a vote in favor of a bill that will allow Internet Service Providers (ISP) to sell their user’s online behavior data that includes web browsing history, email and online chat content, and pretty much everything else you do online. So far, ISP’s needed your permission in order to sell this sort of information, but with this bill on the way, that is ...[Read More]

Best VPNs to Protect Your Wi-Fi Connection

The Internet has become such an important part of our life that we just cannot do without it. With smartphones and tablets offering so many functionalities, people stay connected to the internet throughout the day. It is because of this that many public places like cafes, restaurants, and parks offer free public Wi-Fi hotspots to the people there. If you go to a Starbucks, or an airport, or anywhe...[Read More]

How to deal with Reverse Domain Name Hijacking

What is Reverse Domain Name Hijacking? Reverse Domain Name Hijacking primarily arises when domain owners choose names for their domains that are identical or confusing with existing trademarks. Reverse Domain Name Hijacking happens when a person fraudulently looks to acquire a domain name because the name of the domain is similar to his or her existing trademark. UDRP defines it as the filing of a...[Read More]

Smartphone Security Awareness Key to Preventing “Handheld Hacking”

Almost everyone has a smartphone today. This is hardly a surprise, given the many features that come along with a smartphone. Not only can one talk to anyone or exchange text messages, they can now listen to songs, browse the internet, and managing social media on their smartphones. Added perks are presented to users in the form of mobile applications that offer people services like image scanning...[Read More]

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