The Danger of Bitcoin: How to Protect Yourself

For years now, the value of cryptocurrencies is on a constant rise. The so-called digital gold rush is infecting everyone, and many saw an opportunity to make a lot of money quickly. However, there are also those who lost everything this way. It is important to remember that losing everything is an equally possible option, which is why you must stay vigilant. Knowing what to do, when to do it, and...[Read More]

How to Protect Your Bitcoin Wallet

Lately, more and more online attacks are being performed by the cyber criminals, and many different security threats have appeared. News about online thefts, security breaches, data protection, ransomware, and similar things aren’t strange and unfamiliar anymore. However, as the technology progresses, we continue to use the online services that are often under attack, simply because it’...[Read More]

How to Secure Your Bitcoins and Prevent Irrecoverable Wallet Loss

The introduction of a Bitcoin online currency has made life easier for many people, since it’s like a private Swiss bank account that fits any one of your pockets, and it can be as anonymous as using the regular cash. The trouble is that you’re the only one responsible for it, and there’s nobody else to protect it but you. There are many things that could happen and damage your w...[Read More]

How to Disappear Online Completely in 2017

When using our devices, we always forget the risk we run with the danger posed by hackers. The government and other bodies in authority also carry out surveillance on a consistent basis. The only way to stay clear from the watchful eye of the government and hackers is by taking measures that keep you off the grid. Here, we give you a few ways you can ‘disappear’ online. Use a VPN The best so...[Read More]

How to Secure Bitcoin with VPN

If you love Bitcoin and want to add even more security to your transactions and network, you might want to consider using a VPN. But why?  VPN stands for virtual private network, and VPNs are great for securing your network traffic. Bitcoins are a great currency to secure your payments without the oversight of large corrupt institutions with ulterior motives. However, do you need both or one or th...[Read More]

Which VPNs support Navcoin?

If you’re not a fan of Bitcoin, or you just have some Navcoin laying around, you might want to spend it on a VPN. In many ways, Navcoin is like Bitcoin’s younger cousin, so it shouldn’t be a huge surprise or inconvenience to find a VPN provider that supports it as a payment option. However, there aren’t really too many VPN options out there that do. However, the VPNs that do support Navcoin as a p...[Read More]

Russia Bans LocalBitcoins – Best VPNS for, one of the most popular Bitcoin trading networks in Russia, has now been banned by the Russian government. While Russia’s government hasn’t  made a complete stance against Bitcoin, this is an indication that they are against it, and its a sign of things to come.  We’ve seen similar issues in countries like China, Iran, and increasingly Russia–where these governments are fo...[Read More]

Which VPNs support Ethereum?

Using cryptocurrency to purchase a VPN is becoming more and more common. One reason is that using cryptocurrency to buy a VPN allows a user to input just an email address instead of extensive billing information which makes end-users feel more secure and anonymous. We’ve listed some of the best bitcoin VPNs of 2016 before, but we also understand that some users may be using Ethereum as their leadi...[Read More]

How to Pay for a VPN Anonymously in 2017

One of the main reasons to use a VPN is to make your internet activity private and secure. However, to get to that point, you’re going to have to invest a little bit of dough to ensure you have maximum anonymity. One good way to start that early is to for a VPN anonymously. Some people don’t mind using a credit card or PayPal, but depending on if you’re lazy, or just a bit parano...[Read More]

Which VPNs Accept BitCoin?

There’s nothing more disappointing than finding a seemingly good VPN, and then finding out that they don’t accept BitCoin. In a lot of ways, paying with PayPal or a Debit card is just simply impractical if you want to stay anonymous and hide your real identity. In the search for a VPN, one of the questions you might ask yourself is “which VPNs accept Bitcoin?” IMPORTANT: Do...[Read More]

Best Bitcoin VPNs for 2016

What is Bitcoin?  Bitcoin is a new type of digital currency that resides in a payment network that uses peer-to-peer technology to operate without banks or a central authority. Nobody owns Bitcoin’s payment network, and everything is open-source and open so everyone can take part.  Individuals like to use BitCoin because it makes mobile payments very easy, with minimal transaction fees. It&#...[Read More]

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