Tips for Smartphone Security and Your Digital Safety

In the last several years, the number and frequency of smartphone attacks have come to a pretty sudden increase. And the majority of them have occurred because of the bad protection. This can only mean that whatever their users are doing, they are doing it wrong. We need to be aware of the time we live in, as well as the dangers that follow it. Our smartphones as a perfect example of the fact that...[Read More]

5 Things You Must Do Before Passing Your iPad/iPhone To Your Kid

The times have changed since you were a child, and it is perfectly normal to many for kids to have iPhones and iPads today. Even the younger ones love to use them, and they also love everything about them. From tapping and swiping the screen, to playing many of the available games. Most of all, however, they enjoy using them for watching videos. So, if you have a child, it will probably want to pl...[Read More]

A Guide To Accessing USA iTunes Store From Anywhere

As we’re sure that every Apple user already knows, iTunes is the single best way to buying and downloading pretty much any app ever made for Apple devices. The store is always innovative, and you can find new, popular, exciting apps that will capture your interest from the moment you download them. And, as the Apple Music advances, even your favorite songs have become available on iTunes. Th...[Read More]

How to Download Torrents on Your iPhone

Torrents are great for how you can download all sorts of massive files quickly from a variety of hosts. However, the iPhone doesn’t allow you to download torrents. That is, it doesn’t let you do it until now with this method described here. You can quickly download torrents on your iPhone by using a few simple steps. Much of this entails the use of a VPN. It keeps you secure without being caught o...[Read More]

What are the Best VPNs for iPhone 7?

PPTP is just one of the many VPN protocols that you can use to protect your computer and iPhone. However, that said, while it’s an option, it’s not necessarily the best protocol by any stretch of the imagination. We covered this subject in depth, here in this article–but the basics are that PPTP is a severely outdated protocol with a lot of security holes. Unfortunately, a lot of users don’t...[Read More]

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