How to Unblock Trailer Park Boys on Netflix

Trailer Park Boys is one of the best TV shows in existence. It’s been going on FOREVER, in fact, since 2001–which is crazy. But the show just keeps getting better and better, and the 11th Season of Trailer Park Boys released on March 2017, is one of the best ones yet. It takes the character development to a new level, and you’ll discover new levels of “crazy” among ma...[Read More]

How to Watch US Netflix in Norway

Many of the Norwegians are not exactly happy and satisfied with their Norwegian Netflix library. It is known that Netflix USA boats a lot more movies and series. If you already have the Norwegian version, and you are wondering how to get to American Netflix, you’ve come to the right place. When you finish reading this text, you’ll be perfectly capable of getting US Netflix outside of t...[Read More]

ExpressVPN Netflix Alternatives – What VPN Does Work?

Are you having trouble using ExpressVPN with Netflix? If you are, I can’t blame you. The war against VPN and proxies from Netflix has been ongoing for more than a year now, and each day the giant company uses their large amount of resources and unknown methods to completely wipe out unique IP addresses that VPNs like ExpressVPN are implementing to provide unblocking solutions. The main idea is tha...[Read More]

Is Hola VPN Safe to Use With Netflix?

Hola has been popular among those outside the United States who want to unblock and watch Netflix’s American library. However, Hola doesn’t work for most people who are trying to change their Netflix regions to the United States anymore. This is due to Netflix cracking down on VPN providers and unblockers. Netflix recently created a VPN ban. This prevents people from accessing American, British an...[Read More]

How to Get Rid of Netflix Proxy Error on Mac

The Netflix Proxy Error on Mac is a serious problem that can hinder your streaming abilities. Netflix is one of the–if not the best, streaming platforms around and the library of content just keeps getting bigger month by month. If you want to watch the new Marvel shows like Dare Devil, Jessica Jones, the new show–Defenders, then Netflix is where you want to be. The only bad thing is t...[Read More]

Alternatives to Hola for Using Netflix

Hola is a popular VPN (Virtual Private Network) that advertises itself as free. Many people around the world used to use it to access NETFLIX US from outside the country. But many users have seen a change in ability recently due to NETFLIX’s new policy against VPN providers. Normally, NETFLIX enforces web restrictions based simply on geography. US NETFLIX users can only access the US library. Same...[Read More]


NETFLIX has launched worldwide. Almost every internet connected country in the world now has access to the streaming monster. For some countries, the news is bittersweet. Large populations like Ireland are currently stuck with a NETFLIX library that is half the size of what’s available in the US. While Ireland still has a larger catalog than countries like Spain or Mexico, it still leaves those wi...[Read More]

How to Use US Netflix in France

Millions of dollars in original programming. An interface that’s been adopted by dozens of other sites. A willingness to evolve to the changing habits of viewers. All NETFLIX has left to accomplish is global dominance. They’re one step closer as they continue to expand into hundreds of markets including Mexico, Costa Rica, and France. As NETFLIX becomes available in these countries, subscribers ar...[Read More]

How to Use US Netflix in Spain

NETFLIX Spain launched in late 2015 to much fanfare and excitement. But in the years since, it’s become obvious that subscribers are receiving an inferior product to NETFLIX US. NETFLIX Spain has only 21% the amount of titles available in the US. That includes titles like Alice Through the Looking Glass. Streaming platforms like Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix enforce harsh restrictions based on geograp...[Read More]

How to Use US Netflix in Italy

NETFLIX Italy has added 25 films since the New Year. That’s less than it’s removed from the website and less than half than the additions to its American counterpart. In total, Italy has less than one-fifth the catalog size of NETFLIX US. It is no wonder that an Italian subscriber, or anyone traveling abroad, would want access to NETFLIX US. NETFLIX and similar streaming sites like Amazon and Hulu...[Read More]

How to Use US Netflix in Korea

NETFLIX has dominated the video streaming arena for the past few years. With that success has come expansion into new countries like India, South Africa, and South Korea. But with that expansion, it has become apparent that these new countries have an inferior catalog when compared directly to NETFLIX US. NETFLIX South Korea is particularly wanting for more content. When compared directly, S.K. ha...[Read More]

How to Use US Netflix In Canada

Over 90 million people around the world subscribe to NETFLIX. Each subscription has an average of 2.5 users. That’s over 200 million people with access to the streaming service. But for users of any NETFLIX service outside of the US, there is the feeling that an inferior product is being put forth. NETFLIX Canada and others like it have thousands of NETFLIX Canada and others like it have thousands...[Read More]

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