Best VPN with static IP

When Internet “architects” first played around with the idea of giving each computer an online identity, they didn’t know that they were going to run out of static IP addresses. This situation created the need for dynamic IP addresses. But what do those terms mean? Well, the IP, or Internet Protocol access, is the number or code that every computer or device has with the intentio...[Read More]

download Pirate Bay torrents anonymously

The Internet is a beautiful place. It allows you to browse the web freely, watch and read the latest news around the world and watch live games, TV series, movies, podcasts and other features via online streaming, not to mention that it lets the world connect and communicate via email and many social media outlets. But on top of all that, users can share all kinds of files thanks to the Internet, ...[Read More]

Hotspot for iPhone Good? Hotspot Alternatives?

Hotspot Shield VPN is one of the most popular VPN apps on the iOS and Android stores. Automatically, you might think this is a good VPN service, and it’s something that can be trusted and used due to it ranking so high. However, as you’ve seen with other apps in Top 25 lists–just because something is downloaded and used, doesn’t mean that it’s worth using / playing. Most of the high quality ...[Read More]

What is the Best VPN for Saving Battery on Mobile?

If you’re an Android or iPhone user, you know the pains of battery loss. You start off with a strong 100% and before long, after what seems like only a hour or two, you’re suddenly down to 40 or 50% battery, and the day has barely even started. Online mobile games, video streaming, or picture recording are all strong culprits of battery loss. However, using a VPN while browsing or doin...[Read More]

How to Use a VPN with Dota 2

Are you looking to play Dota 2 but can’t due to firewall restrictions, unavailability in your region, or for some other reason? With a Dota 2 VPN, you can still play Dota 2 but at the same time unblock anything that is preventing you from playing. VPNs can also help you prevent DDOS attacks while playing and in some cases, VPNs can even increase speeds in Dota 2. Most major esport players who play...[Read More]

Best Netflix Hacks

Netflix is getting better and better, partly thanks to billions of dollars spent on original content that can’t be viewed anywhere else (unless you want to use Popcorn Time or Torrenting). The website has great shows like Luke Cage and now the Defenders, new shoes like Ozarks which attempts to be another breaking bad–and even brand new original movies. Suffice to say, it’s probably the best ...[Read More]

2017-08-16 09_44_54-Free photo_ Keyboard, Key, Success, Online – Free Image on Pixabay – 621830

If you are looking for a way to use torrent on your Android device safely, then you have come to the right place. Proxies are very helpful when it comes to this. They are fast, and they will hide your Android’s IP address. SOCKS5 Proxy is especially good, and it even allows you to send your torrent traffic and your regular traffic separately. In this guide, we will concentrate on explaining ...[Read More]

2017-07-25 10_16_12-Free illustration_ Ransomware, Wannacry, Malware – Free Image on Pixabay – 23183

The number of ransomware attacks has increased a lot in the period of the last couple of years. The smaller attacks basically never stop, but what we are talking about are big ones, that can deal some serious damage. The last big attack was as recently as a month ago. It was attacking computers around the world, but the worst attacks were concentrating on Ukraine. The name of this ransomware is No...[Read More]


The PC gaming market is getting bigger and bigger, and one of the most popular gaming genres–that being MOBAs, are not done yet (even if the biggest MOBA of them all–League of Legends, came out in 2009). Now, LoL has hundreds of heroes, and millions of players with millions awarded in prize money. Games like Dota 2, Smite, and Heroes of the Storm dominate Twitch viewership with thousan...[Read More]


Many iPad owners who are also torrent users often wonder if they could combine these two pleasures. That is, they know that they can, but can they do it without jailbreaking their devices? Well, the answer is yes, and today we are going to show you how to do it. It is a well-known fact that you can use iOS devices for downloading torrents. Not only is it possible, but it is actually very easy. Mos...[Read More]

2017-07-10 07_35_37-uk tv series – Google Search

If you have developed an interest in UK TV shows, the bad news is that you can’t access them. That is, you can’t if you live outside of the UK. This is a country that has some channels and programs of extremely high quality. They know it, and they guard them strongly. However, where there’s a will, there’s a way, and the internet has found a way. Simply keep reading, and by...[Read More]


At this point, it is really a common knowledge that Google knows much more about you than your own friends. It has access to your search history, your preferences, as well as all different kinds of online activity. However, your browser history is not the same as your Google history. That means that you can delete your browsing history all you want, but Google will keep the one they collect. And t...[Read More]

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