How to Delete Your Personal History from Google

At this point, it is really a common knowledge that Google knows much more about you than your own friends. It has access to your search history, your preferences, as well as all different kinds of online activity. However, your browser history is not the same as your Google history. That means that you can delete your browsing history all you want, but Google will keep the one they collect. And t...[Read More]

What is the Best VPN for UK Expats?

Traveling or moving to another country means that many aspects of your life will change. You’ll have to get used to another language, culture, customs. Still, your preferences will probably remain, and from time to time, you’re bound to get home-sick. Fortunately for our generations, we can still keep in touch with our home countries relatively easily. All you need is an internet conne...[Read More]

TorGuard Refuses Russian Shutdown?

Just awhile back, we covered a news bit on how PIA exited Russia due to server pressure. A lot of PIA customers were a bit annoyed, and rightly so. However, just recently a Russian website covered a news bit on TorGuard, one of our top rated VPNs. RNS was informed by TorGuard VPN “that it does not intend to cooperate with the Russian authorities and will not block any websites. “These ...[Read More]

How to Use TorGuard for Torrenting / BitTorrent

TorGuard’s very own name is inspired by torrenting since P2P file sharing is inherently not very private. When you use a BitTorrent app that uses a P2P connection and you start downloading a torrent file, you join a “BitTorrent Swarm”. The swarm is a collection of public IP addresses that can be accessed by snoopers. In order to protect your torrent activity and privacy, you’ll need to “guard” you...[Read More]

VPN into China – Get a China IP Address

The Chinese government has made a very interesting decision years ago, and that was to create an ultimate firewall that’ll isolate their websites from the “outside world”. Chinese websites are staying within, outside world’s websites are out, and the Great Firewall of China stands strongly between the two. It is for this reason that everyone who is outside of China’s ...[Read More]

Private Internet Access and Netflix – What’s the Verdict?

Netflix had long been relatively easy to access through a virtual private network or VPN. This especially comes as a VPN can conceal your real IP and have you surf the online world under a different IP from another region. This gives you access to all sorts of things without restrictions., particularly Netflix in a variety of different regions. However, it has become increasingly difficult for peo...[Read More]

How to Unblock VPN and Websites at School

It can be frustrating to be blocked from all sorts of websites while at school. A firewall can keep you from getting onto all sorts of great sites while at such a place. This can be problematic but it can be even worse when a virtual private network or VPN is blocked too. Many school networks have begun to block VPN traffic in recent time. They have been doing this as they have noticed that it is ...[Read More]

What Is the Best OpenConnect VPN Provider?

As many of the internet users are aware of, the web is hardly a monotonous, passive place. Instead, the internet is seen by many as a living thing, that constantly changes, advances, and sometimes develops some dangerous aspects. When this happens, there’s usually a counter-attack, and so came the VPNs, after privacy became just a word. Growth of VPNs: VPNs have had continued growth and deve...[Read More]

What Are the Best Safe Torrent Sites?

It can be a challenge to find good torrent sites because so many of them are filled with unreliable information and suspicious files. Fortunately, there are a few safe torrent sites that you can use today. These include places that you can get onto through the use of a VPN. These torrent sites are made with a variety of qualities that are designed to ensure that you can get the torrents you are lo...[Read More]

Does TorGuard Keep Logs?

One of the greatest concerns people have with regards to VPNs involves logs. While it is true that a VPN does help you get online anonymously, there are times when some VPNs might take in logs. These include reports that list where you go when online and where you are getting online through. A log will entail information on when you get online. While it typically doesn’t include details on where y...[Read More]

What VPN is Better Than CyberGhost?

While CyberGhost does have a number of VPN servers for you to choose from all over Europe, it is not necessarily the best VPN for you to use. There are a number of good reasons why CyberGhost is far from the best option for you to check out when trying to get a VPN running. The Key Issues The problems that come with using CyberGhost are especially concerning: You are only restricted to three hours...[Read More]

What is the Best Undetectable Proxy Server for Netflix?

If you’re an internet user from one of many countries in the world that don’t provide access to Netflix, or perhaps you do have access to it, but you’re not satisfied with what your Netflix package has to offer, you’ve probably wondered how great it would be if you could change it. Many people live in the countries that have lots of restrictions and that includes a lot of t...[Read More]

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