Which Countries Ban Torrenting / P2P?

Various countries around the world aren’t fond of P2P activity and torrenting. But most countries don’t ban it. The reason being is that countries can’t really effectively ban the BitTorrent protocol since most torrent clients can bypass restrictions. If you have come here for that answer, then you can leave if you wish. The answer is that not any country bans P2P/BitTorrent per ...[Read More]


If you live in Pakistan, or often travel to this country, then you are probably more than aware of its online limitations. This includes more than 1,000 websites, as well as almost half of torrenting websites on the entire internet. Apart from those sites, the country also blocks YouTube, PayPal, WordPress, as well as websites for adults. That makes it difficult to access a lot of things online. I...[Read More]

2017-08-18 09_39_43-Free photo_ Taj, Mahal, India, Tourist – Free Image on Pixabay – 2574056

In this guide, we will discuss how you can unblock torrenting websites from India, and also how to safely download torrents in this country. As a part of the learning process, we will also explain how to hide your IP address. Another thing that you must know is how to encrypt your online traffic, and hide your actions from your ISP. Also, we will discuss these next topics: Is it illegal to downloa...[Read More]


Many iPad owners who are also torrent users often wonder if they could combine these two pleasures. That is, they know that they can, but can they do it without jailbreaking their devices? Well, the answer is yes, and today we are going to show you how to do it. It is a well-known fact that you can use iOS devices for downloading torrents. Not only is it possible, but it is actually very easy. Mos...[Read More]

The trend of blocking the torrenting websites continues, and it’s now something found in many countries around the world. Every year, more and more countries are coming up with new legislations, censorship laws and alike. Their purpose is to try and control the internet, as well as what the people can get access to. For example, Foxtel has already put a block on some of the most popular torr...[Read More]


TorGuard’s very own name is inspired by torrenting since P2P file sharing is inherently not very private. When you use a BitTorrent app that uses a P2P connection and you start downloading a torrent file, you join a “BitTorrent Swarm”. The swarm is a collection of public IP addresses that can be accessed by snoopers. In order to protect your torrent activity and privacy, you’ll need to “guard” you...[Read More]


Many of the Android users enjoy using their devices for torrenting. This is especially easy these days, thanks to torrent clients like Flud, which has some of the best features and is very stable and intuitive. It even has a proxy support, and that’s important and extremely needed since it allows you to use torrents anonymously, by hiding your real IP address. For those who don’t know ...[Read More]


BitTorrent has many clients, and the one that’s probably the most popular one is, of course, uTorrent. This is hardly surprising, considering that it’s fast, free and it can get you anything you want, as long as you provide it with a link. Lately, however, many of the torrent users wanted to know what can they do to protect themselves, and how to use uTorrent anonymously. We’ve d...[Read More]


Although Singapore has become one of the most technologically-savvy parts of the world, the city-state still bears with lots of limits in terms of what people can do online. The People’s Action Party has been ruling Singapore for nearly sixty years. The party has censored many things that might be critical of the government. These include many websites and videos that can be accessed online. The e...[Read More]


In the modern day and age, most of the file sharing is done over the Internet. You’ll hardly see anyone walking around, buying and carrying CDs, or even using them at all. We live in an age of great internet speeds, and many different possibilities when it comes to the way we share our files. One of the most popular ways of sharing files is via BitTorrent clients, and today, we’re goin...[Read More]

2017-04-25 16_01_47-Heroes of the Storm is a great place for torrents that has been around since 2009. It offers easy downloads of all sorts of great bits of entertainment from movies and television shows to music and software. However, it is also a site that has been blocked in a number of places. has been blocked in a variety of countries around the world. It has especially been blocked in the United St...[Read More]


While TorrentHound has been a popular place to get online for all kinds of great torrents, it has been blocked in a variety of places around the world. There are a number of alternatives to TorrentHound that you can use though. These are sites that offer a variety of great ways for you to find and download torrents of all sorts. These all work especially well if you have a proper VPN to help you w...[Read More]

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