What VPN is Better Than CyberGhost?

While CyberGhost does have a number of VPN servers for you to choose from all over Europe, it is not necessarily the best VPN for you to use. There are a number of good reasons why CyberGhost is far from the best option for you to check out when trying to get a VPN running. The Key Issues The problems that come with using CyberGhost are especially concerning: You are only restricted to three hours...[Read More]

What Is the Best VPN for US IP Addresses?

It is critical for people with United States connections to stay protected while online. This comes as the United States is subjected to many laws where people can have their online histories used and reviewed by anyone. Such histories can be requested by the government or legal authorities. The fact that ISPs have agreed to plans to where they can sell user logs to third parties in recent time is...[Read More]

What is the Most Popular VPN Software?

VPNs aren’t exactly new technology. They’ve been around, possibly more than you might think, however, it’s only lately that they got the attention of the general public. So far, VPN’s were mostly used by hackers and more paranoid internet users that believed that they’re being spied on and that someone is stealing their data. Now that we know that this is, in fact, tr...[Read More]

What is the Best Free VPN Client for Android?

Ever since the US decided to roll back the privacy rules, the need for VPNs has gone through the roof and people have started trying to find the best ones for their devices. Many of the new VPN providers have appeared and started fighting the fight, trying to outmaneuver their competition and try to get their share of consumers. Now, when it comes to your devices, it’s important to realize t...[Read More]

What is the Purpose of a VPN?

A virtual private network or VPN is one of the most essential types of programs that you can use when aiming to get online. A VPN will help you to get online through the use of a secure connection between your computer at a private network. It helps you to get listed as being anonymous while accessing a server from a different part of the world. This gives off the impression that you are from anot...[Read More]

How to Unblock Limetorrents

Limetorrents.cc is a great place for torrents that has been around since 2009. It offers easy downloads of all sorts of great bits of entertainment from movies and television shows to music and software. However, it is also a site that has been blocked in a number of places. Limetorrents.cc has been blocked in a variety of countries around the world. It has especially been blocked in the United St...[Read More]

Other Websites to Use Besides TorrentHound?

While TorrentHound has been a popular place to get online for all kinds of great torrents, it has been blocked in a variety of places around the world. There are a number of alternatives to TorrentHound that you can use though. These are sites that offer a variety of great ways for you to find and download torrents of all sorts. These all work especially well if you have a proper VPN to help you w...[Read More]

What is the Best Open Source BitTorrent Client?

Most of the internet users are already aware of BitTorrent and how it works. It was created in 2001, and it’s basically a P2P file sharing protocol. It can be used for sharing large amounts of data online, and there’s no need for that data to be stored on any centralized servers. Even though there are literally loads of clients that can provide you with BitTorrent, but even so, we̵...[Read More]

How to Buy Proxies For Cheap

A proxy is a unique option for getting online that helps you stay secure. A proxy operates as an intermediary between your computer and the online world. In a typical setup, the traffic that goes through a proxy will be through an IP address linked to your computer. But with a new proxy setup, you can work with a separate IP address outside of your own. This helps you to stay protected while onlin...[Read More]

Is a VPN on an iPhone Safe?

A VPN can be used to help you get online anonymously and to avoid any local censorship or content restriction blocks. The strong encryption that comes with a VPN makes it more powerful than many other standard security measures like a firewall or antivirus program. Today you can use a VPN on mobile devices. The Apple iPhone particularly works with VPN support. But is it a safe option to have? Gett...[Read More]

VPNs Which Keeps You Anonymous in 2017

The threat of online surveillance has become a great threat to the privacy of many internet users. We’ve come to think about the web as a place where we can be free, where we can be ourselves, and where we have our privacy. Now, it would seem that even that is being taken from us, and so many people have decided to do something about it. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to achieve this, ...[Read More]

Russian Government Threatens to Ban All VPN Providers that Don’t Enforce their Website Blacklist

It’s been discovered that the Roskomnadzor, the Russia’s state media watchdog, is currently planning a new legislation. Apparently, this one will be used for punishing any and all search engines, software that provides anonymity and even VPNs that don’t enforce Russian government’s web restrictions. This is a very bad news for all of the Russian internet users since it coul...[Read More]

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