Are VPNs legal

A lot has been said about the legitimacy of Virtual Private Networks, or VPN. Many people question it because it may appear dubious that there is an online tool that users can implement to bypass security controls, watch online streaming from other countries and avoid geo-blocking with ease. While it seems that this fantastic tool works best for evil, reality indicates otherwise. Some people use i...[Read More]

Best VPN for Chromebook

Chromebook saw the daylight in 2011, and it brought to the tech world some exciting features and characteristics that made him unique among its peers. This laptop device works with the Chrome OS, which runs on Linux technology. The Chromebook allows its users to save data, photos, apps, bookmarks, videos and all kinds of storage in the cloud while providing a reliable platform to engage in online ...[Read More]

get an Irish IP address

As Internet users, we usually need to access a specific website, one that may be in our geographical zone or is restricted to residents of a particular country. For example, many online streaming services provide their content to citizens of the United States of America, or people that are physically in the said nation at that moment, but will block requests from users and individuals out of the U...[Read More]

Best Anonymous browser for Android

As all modern operative systems do, Android devices allow you to browse the web either via a Wi-Fi (wireless) connection or a data plan with a phone service. The possibilities are endless: a few years ago, the majority of phones only had calls and Short Message Service, or SMS. Now, you can do all kinds of things online thanks, in significant part, to Android. Some of the most famous web browsers ...[Read More]

What does VPN Stand for on iPhone

Online interactions and activities gain importance every day. Many users engage into work activities through the web, and a high percentage of them use their mobile devices to perform essential tasks with ease. Tech companies design their phones with more user-friendly interfaces each passing year, giving them comfort while browsing the web, sending emails, having important conferences via video c...[Read More]

PureVPN Gives UP Logs to Catch Internet Stalker

PureVPN, a popular VPN provider, recently just gave up private logs in order to help the FBI track down an internet stalker. Ryan Lin, age 24 from Newton, Massachusetts, was arrested on charges that he cyber-stalked his former roommate, Jennifer Smith. Lin was caught posting passwords of Smith’s online accounts, posting intimate photos of her, posting fake profiles of her, inciting bomb threats, d...[Read More]

Best VPNs for Pakistan

If you live in Pakistan or you’re just visiting the area for any reason, then you might have grown tired of all the restraints they put on internet usage. Pakistan was deemed as a country that is ‘not free’ by the Freedom on the Net report on 2016, which isn’t surprising given the country’s record for heavy usage restrictions and the arrest of bloggers for more than questionable reasons. To make t...[Read More]

Split Tunnel VPN Traffic (2)

If you are a VPN user, then you are most likely very concerned about your privacy. It is true that VPNs are pretty much the best tool you can use to protect yourself from surveillance and tracking while surfing the web. However, if you’ve had enough experience, then you must also know that being connected to a VPN all the time has its downsides. Connecting to a VPN server means increasing the dist...[Read More]

Cheap VPNs

If you’ve ever used a VPN service before, then you probably know that most VPN subscriptions aren’t particularly expensive compared to other software. Still, those with experience on this kind of services know that it is almost always possible to find services that are almost as good as the most expensive ones for really cheap prices. In case you’re here because you want to save some money or beca...[Read More]

Best VPNs for Linux

If you are a Linux user, then chances are you’re concerned deeply about your privacy and security. As you may already know, Linux-based operative systems are less prone to malware attacks and have a huge community constantly reviewing their code to find any security flaws, which is something that can’t happen in proprietary in any proprietary OS. But does that protection remain strong after you go...[Read More]

What is a Mini VPN Router? And Why Use One?

Virtual private networks are amazing tools to use. You can find them both in the private consumer sector and used around the world by businesses in the more public sector provided by companies like Cisco. However, more and more people at home are turning to VPNs just to access the internet, or to protect them self from snooping internet service providers in 2017. Whether you plan on traveling, sim...[Read More]

What Is VNC and How Does It Differ From A VPN?

I know you are quite familiar with what a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is and also what a VNC (Virtual Network Computer) is, however, both terms mean different things. It is important to note that, VNC provides a remote control for a computer at some other location permitting users to operate the same computer as if they are sitting in front of the computer. Resources that are available on the re...[Read More]

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