Which VPNs Work with Craigslist?

Which VPNs Work with Craigslist?

Are you looking for a VPN to use with craigslist? Maybe you want to browse listings privately or make postings and listings without having to worry about needless restrictions.  VPNs are great to use with craigslist, but the bad part is that a majority of them don’t work. Here are some popular VPNs that I’ve tested personally that currently don’t work with Craigslist:

VPNS That Don’t Work with Craigslist


Private Internet Access


So which VPNs work with Craigslist?

Right now I only know one VPN that works with Craigslist. This VPN is TorGuard. TorGuard works since it sells dedicated IP addresses to users that let it bypass Craigslist proxy/VPN blocks. Dedicated IPs don’t raise any flags in systems like Craigslist since it’s a unique IP and not a shared one that looks like a proxy/VPN user to Craigslist.

There are a few other VPNs where you can set up dedicated IP addresses, as we noted in this article, but most of these other VPNs aren’t worth your time. Most VPN providers just don’t sell dedicated IP addresses and those that do don’t have 24/7 support able to help you if you encounter errors. 

TorGuard is the best VPN to use with craigslist since it’s fast and easy to get dedicated IPs. If you’re curious on what other uses TorGuard has, check out this in-depth review we wrote on it.

The basics are that TorGuard is perfect for torrenting, Netflix, browsing, and even gaming since it’s so quick and uses little system resources. TorGuard’s native client, TorGuard Lite, also has an easy way to use your dedicated IP by just plugging it in and connecting to it right away.

2016-08-17 10_26_44-800px x 200px – How to Set up Dedicated IP with TorGuard VPN1

Setting up a dedicated IP with TorGuard is quite easy, and you can see the full method and directions here in this article.

Visit TorGuard

Let us know if you have any questions on which VPNs work with Craigslist below! 


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  1. Thanks! for this post… this is very helpful post..
    Now i’m trying this vpn…
    Thank you so much…

    • Hey Sanjoy – did the TorGuard VPN work with Craigslist?

      • Profile photo of Tom Spark


      • if i use the TorGuard VPN i can get Craigslist live ads jan 2017 ?? any one Ans plese

  2. Thanks for the helpful article. Does this work in Jan of 2017 and if so, which specific package do I choose to purchase? Thanks so much.

    • Profile photo of Tom Spark

      Try talking to TorGuard Chat they are super helpful


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