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Netflix has battled against VPN and proxy for nearly a year now. It’s 2017, and the crusade still continues with tons of VPNs giving them the fight. This article will help you with the best VPNs for Netflix in 2017.

We understand that it can not only be confusing figuring out which VPNs work but also how to use them with Netflix. Getting Netflix to work shouldn’t be the work of a mad VPN genius. After all, at the end of the day, we all just want to kick back and watch Netflix with a beer in our hand right?

In this article, we will outline which VPNs work with Netflix in 2017, and we will also give some helpful tips on how to access Netflix with these services enabled. As you can see in this article, we’ve also marked off some past VPNs which were working–but no longer are. 

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TorGuard, in many ways, has become the Netflix champion. They were the first VPN to fight actively against the VPN block, which in turn, gave us the opportunity to make a detailed video on how to access Netflix with VPN. You can see this video here, which outlines two methods to use TorGuard with Netflix. They are really the BEST choice for watching Netflix in 2017.  Also, TorGuard has also recently implemented the ability to plug in an IP address into their client if you talk to live chat.

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ExpressVPN works quite easily with Netflix. All you have to do is pick a specific server. However, since everyone is using these servers to access Netflix, we foresee some downtimes. Coupled with ExpressVPN‘s intermittent live chat, you might find that getting access to Netflix when you want it with ExpressVPN might mean some delays. Try using these recommended servers for ExpressVPN to access Netflix: LA 3, Denver, and UK East London 2.

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While NordVPN isn’t our favorite VPN (their app is buggy, and we find their refusal to accept Bitcoin refunds annoying), they do have a good selection of servers working with Netflix, as well as their cool Smartflix feature that lets you watch Netflix on any of their VPN servers as long as it’s toggled.  Some of the servers tested had low resolution due to poor speeds, but some others worked fine.Try using servers US 20, 21 24, 318-322 or any server with Smartflix toggled on.

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Thanks for reading our guide on getting Netflix to work with a VPN in 2017! Let us know if you have comments below!


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