3 Best HotSpot Shield Alternatives After Privacy Violation

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You may ask yourself what HotSpot Shield is, well, it is a virtual private network which is free, but unfortunately, it is facing series of service accusations which is the violation of its own private and personal policies. A private advocacy group under the Center for Democracy and Technology has developed a 14 paged file against this act and now it requests a thorough investigation of this act.

The basic accusation against the HotSpot Shield VPN is their bias practice of redirecting the advertising company’s web traffic. The basic and the most important reason why these internet users register for this VPN service is the protection of their basic browsing habits from the host nations or ISPs and when these users’ data are sent to the advertising companies, it’s an utmost violation of the privacy policy in place.

Though, HotSpot Shield alternatives are available since the creation of HotSpot Shield VPN; more than 500 million customers from every part of the world has had access to its service. It assures its customers of maximum security of their browsing activities by not keeping any logs of the user’s online activities and also assures a wonderful browsing experience.

The CDT proved the claims of the HotSpot Shield wrong when it conducted a research which was aided by the Carnegie Mellon University and later discovered that the HotSpot Shield shares an undisclosed data to advertising companies which are third-party companies.

HotSpot Shield alternatives

HotSpot Shield alternatives are also available if you don’t want to be exposed to ISPs and cyber criminals when using your data. You can either use your HotSpot Shield and risk your privacy online or use several other HotSpot Shield alternatives which may include IPvanish, PIA, TorGuard etc. Let’s take a look into a few of these HotSpot Shield alternatives then, you can make your choice on your alternative.


3 Best HotSpot Shield Alternatives After Privacy Violation


IPVanish is a VPN provider which encrypts your sent and received data over the internet. You can also change any of your IP addresses for your browsing anytime you feel the need to do so by switching to a different server that is available in different countries.

This enables you to bypass the IP blocking. Take for instance, when you want to download a video from YouTube and that video is not accepted or accessible from your current home or country.

IPvanish gives you total privacy when you browse online because it keeps no logs of your browsing histories or activities. It also offers impressive download speeds and also supports our unlimited P2P traffic as well as up to five connections simultaneously.

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Private Internet Access (PIA)

3 Best HotSpot Shield Alternatives After Privacy Violation

This is an anonymous VPN service which is backed by the outermost modern security protection technology. Using this private internet access, you will protect your online identity and personality by developing an open source and get a secure PN tunnel of the private internet access. PIA is available in free & premium models.

The premium model of the PIA helps to deliver limited functions and features to its users. For ultimate satisfaction when using the HotSpot Shield alternatives, the user is required to get the premium version of the PIA that is available at a monthly starting price of $3.33.

When that is done, the user is given a personal IP address and this protects its privacy when surfing the internet or when relating to an online community. When using the Private Internet Access, there is an instant available access to about three functions which are basically for the PIA user which also protects its tunnels of PIA.

There are easy access and the ability to unblock censorship filters. Some features of the PIA include support for Volp, P2P instant, and easy setup, secure VP account, unlimited bandwidth, no traffic logs and a lot more.

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3 Best HotSpot Shield Alternatives After Privacy Violation

This is a private oriented VPN service which does not store logs or data on its server. It runs an IP configuration that is shared by all its servers and this makes it not to match users with either an IP address or a simple time stamp.

TorGuard is not free; it does offer the standard 30 days trial before it’s paid services. There is the availability of wide range of protocols when using TorGuard, and these HotSpot Shield alternatives also give different ways for cash payment.

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The Verdict

Several alternatives are available for an online user for a safer and a more secure online browsing experience. All you have to do is to choose from the endless list of available alternatives to HotSpot Shield VPN so as not to have a bridge in personal and privacy policy.

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