6 Ways to Protect Your Privacy on Reddit or Social Media


It is a necessity to watch for what you are doing when on Reddit or any other social media site. Such sites are places where people often fall victim to scams, viruses and other online threats. There are six things that can be done to ensure that your privacy will be secured while you are online.

Never Get Our Personal Information

Many social media sites, Reddit in particular, can expose your information to the public. Anyone can click on your profile name to find more information on you. This includes information that might directly identify who you are.

You have to keep your personal information private while on social media. Make sure you don’t give out any personal information or else people might try and find more data on you.

Don’t Geo-Tag Yourself

Geo-tagging is a practice where you add geographic metadata to any kind of photo or other post you add onto Reddit or another site. This could expose data on where you are located to other people, thus making it easier for people to find you. Therefore, you have to avoid geo-tagging anything you do on social media.

Don’t Accept Friend Requests From Suspicious People

The only friend requests you should be accepting are from people you know. Never take any requests from people you don’t know about as they might be trying to spy on you. They could use a friend request to try and monitor your every action while online.

Don’t Download Files

It is very easy for corrupt files to be spread around Reddit. These include files that claim to have audio or video content. Many people who produce malware and other questionable programs often use social media to take advantage of those who don’t know better. You must avoid downloading anything on social media sites.

Use Strong Passwords

You must always use strong passwords to keep people from trying to break into your account. The problem with some passwords is that they might be too short or simple. Sometimes they might be too predictable as sometimes a single person could use the exact same password for several social media accounts.

You should create passwords that are distinctive and difficult to predict. Anything that uses a variety of characters and is relatively lengthy always works.

The LastPass password manager program is a good program to have in your life. This allows you to organize your passwords and to keep digital records in a secure environment. You can even use one singular LastPass password to get access to all the passwords that you have for every site you are on.

Use a VPN in Mobile Hotspots

The last tip is to use a VPN when on social media sites. This is especially the case if you are on a public Wi-Fi network. A public network or mobile hotspot can be dangerous in that the open nature of such a network makes it vulnerable to scammers, thieves and viruses. The lack of online protection or a firewall can be a real threat.

A VPN can be utilized while on a mobile hotspot. This allows you to get on Reddit or other social media sites while in public without worrying about your identity being stolen. This comes as you will use your own dedicated firewall and encryption system through the VPN’s services.

Remember to watch what you are doing while on social media. Be protective of yourself and make sure you have the right resources on hand.For now, we would recommend using TorGuard VPN since it’s our top rated VPN.

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