7 Best Yify Alternatives

7 Best Yify Alternatives

Torrenting is and has been for quite some time now, a hot online activity. It is the perfect and most convenient way to gain quick and painless access to movies, documentaries, TV series, short features, music files, videos, and other productions and multimedia content on the Internet.

We say that it is convenient because torrenting technology can break vast chunks of data into small, “digestible” ones to enhance download speeds. For that, a network of seeders and downloaders work together on a perfect system to “reconstruct” the material you get.

Getting torrent files is super fast, too. However, the torrenting activity may imply that the users download copyrighted material, and that is why there always governmental agencies looking to close sites destined for this activity.

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7 Best Yify Alternatives

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7 Best Yify Alternatives

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7 Best Yify Alternatives

Yify: a worldwide-known platform

One of the most prominent torrent sites is Yify or YTS. It has a vast collection of movies of all genres, TV series, and other exciting shows and online content. However, its massive penetration among fans all over the world makes it vulnerable to copyright trolls.

Piracy and related activities should not be tolerated, that is clear. However, enforcers of copyrighted content sometimes go a little too far in their quest to protect the intellectual property of authors.

Numerous torrent sites have been taken down recently, a concerning development for Yify users. In fact, the page was offline for a while a few weeks ago. However, there weren’t copyright trolls involved, just a minor server crash and site maintenance.

Right now, the site is up and running, still offering fans all around the world the best and most exciting multimedia content. However, and if the past is an indication of anything (remember that the page was shut down in 2015), YTS can endure more harassment by authorities.

Here are the 7 best Yify alternatives

If you feel like you need to forget about using Yify because it can lead you to unwanted contact with copyright trolls and law enforcement authorities, or if you fear that another shutdown may be coming shortly, here are 7 great Yify alternatives for you to consider:

  • IsoHunt: It is another excellent option for bored torrenters in all locations. Its collection of games, music, TV shows and films is matched by few sites within the industry, which makes finding something you like a very likely occurrence.
  • Lime Torrents: One of the usual options when it comes to finding the torrent files you need or want. It has been around for quite some time now, but it wasn’t too famous in its beginnings. It is now, however, thanks to its user-friendly interface and the quality of its database and collection of content.
  • RARBG: If you are looking for a viable Yify alternative, RARBG is an excellent choice with its vast torrent repository. RARBG doesn’t have any content of its own. Instead, the site has links to other popular torrent platforms so you can choose whichever you like. You can access the usual material (movies, games, music, and TV shows,) and even software.
  • The Pirate Bay: You probably don’t need much introduction to identify The Pirate Bay, which is arguably the most famous torrenting site in the world. However, it has also encountered its share of legal problems in the past, so you may want to tread carefully. It is the broadest site with the most extensive database.
  • Zooqle: After Kickass Torrents fell out of the map, Zoogle was one of the torrent sites that benefited the most. The torrenting community also benefited from its presence as an extra option. A very advantageous practice performed by Zoogle is the log elimination after 24 hours, which is perfect for privacy-seeking users.
  • ag: Despite being taken “hostage” by a hacker in 2015, Eztv.ag is still up and running under a slightly different domain name. It offers a great content selection and is yet another valid Yify alternative.
  • Torrentz2: Instead of being a torrent platform that has its content database, Torrentz2 acts like a search engine for this technology, which is an incredibly cool feature to have. You introduce the torrent you want to download, and the site spits out the results found in other pages.

VPN for torrenting: a wise choice

As you may know by now, torrenting can be a dangerous activity. For starters, these networks are full of unreliable sources and agents, and you can get in contact with malware or even a hacker when you expect it the least.

The worst thing of all, however, is the myriad of legal problems, fines, and sanctions that copyright trolls and law enforcement agencies can impose on you if you get caught downloading protected material.

Another likely issue you may encounter while torrenting is finding that some pages are restricted for users visiting from a specific country or region. That is called geo-blocking, and the network recognized your location via your IP address.

Since you are going to save a few bucks, why not investing them in a security and privacy app that can protect against malware and hackers while keeping you anonymous so you can dodge copyright enforcers?

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are online apps with enough data encryption power to protect all your shared content online and IP address from any external agents on the web, including hackers, cybercriminals, malware developers, online advertisers, and government surveillance agencies, among others.

They use protocols such as OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, or IKEv2 to create a virtual tunnel for the aforementioned information to travel to remote servers, away from any threats. Torrenters can use VPN apps or clients to acquire the ability to browse anonymously, thus avoiding leaving any trace that copyright enforcers may follow. They also let you unblock restricted and geo-blocked torrenting platforms throughout the world.

TorGuard: Best VPN for Yify

TorGuard is the gold standard of the VPN industry because of its combination of high speeds, robust encryption, no logging policy, and additional security features. It has more than 3,000 servers around the world, located in 55 nations, so you can unblock any geo-blocked torrenting sites with ease while protecting your traffic and browsing history from snoopers.

In conclusion, torrenting sites are handy as they let you find and download all kinds of content. Yify is one of the most widely used around the planet, but copyright enforcement authorities are dying to get their hands on it.

If you want to switch platforms, there are plenty of Yify alternatives you can try. However, and since torrenting itself can be very dangerous, you should use a VPN app to encrypt your traffic and hide the sites you visit while you are online.

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