A Guide to Unblock Quora in China

Unblock Quora in China

Have you ever had a question that may seem obvious in the first place, but you know the answer is more complicated than it appears to be? Well, you can answer it and all you may have thanks to Quora, a “Q&A” platform that can compete with any network of its kind. However, it is blocked in some locations, most notably China. To unblock it there, you may need a VPN, and we will explain everything you need to do.

Quora: find answers to every question

Quora is a social network created for knowledge distribution. Any person can open the website and ask a question, and anybody can answer: it feeds from community contributions and constitutes one of the best options online to solve quick doubts.

It has a powerful competitor in Yahoo! Answers, but the primary difference is in the algorithm that Quora implements to find the right person to answer a question, depending on the subject and knowledge level. Most of the answers found in Quora, therefore, will be accurate.

Quora has the additional benefit of linking the answer author’s profile, which adds credibility to the system and makes its profile public in every post.

To sum up, Quora is a useful network in which the community itself is tasked with the responsibility of asking, answering, editing, and organizing the questions or opinions. The publishing company, Quora Inc., is based in California, United States, and the initiative was founded in 2009 and made available in 2010. The platform allows people to edit questions and suggesting edits to answers.

That said, the popular questions and answers platform has some reported issues in China, as do numerous sites that are popular in Western civilization. Users have been complaining about an inability to access Quora in mainland China, but the blocking doesn’t seem to be a universal thing as some netizens have successfully opened the site.

As it turns out, some of the issues appeared after Quora’s latest updates. They have caused a leak that the Great Firewall of China has taken advantage of and blocked the site. The problems behind the restrictions to enter are some of that some of the links appearing in the page are from blocked websites.

After all, keep in mind that we are talking about a country that blocks access to Google and all of its products including Youtube, Twitch.tv, Facebook, Mobile Wikipedia, Twitter, Blogspot, Yahoo! Japan, Instagram, FC2, GitHub, Pinterest, DailyMotion, Rakuten, The Pirate Bay, Amazon Japan, The New York Times, DropBox, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Scribd, The Independent, Yomiuri, Stream.tv, Le Monde, The Epoch Times, WikiLeaks, AllMovie, Amnesty International, Reporters Without Borders, DuckDuckGo, Flickr, BBC, Badoo, Periscope, Tumblr, SlideShare, Wall Street Journal, Disqus, Reuters, The Economist, TIME, WhatsApp, Netflix, HBO, Microsoft OneDrive, Reddit, Quora, ABC News Australia, and many more platforms and pages.

China and access issues

As you can see, Internet access is severely limited in China. The government wants to “prevent unrest,” so it decided to block access to most of the relevant news sites and social networks from foreign countries.

You may think Quora is a rather inoffensive site to visit, but The Great Firewall has a different say on the matter. The page is blocked in mainland China: anyone trying to enter with a Chinese IP address is subject to rebuffing from the platform.

What can you do to enter Quora from China? First of all, you need to acquire a foreign IP address, because if you connect to the site with your regular one, the site will flag it as a local one and restrict access because of governmental censorship. To earn another country’s Internet Protocol (IP) number, the most suitable way is acquiring a VPN service.

Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, are online data encryption app or clients that are designed to protect the user’s content from censorship measures, government surveillance, direct advertising, spying, hacking attacks, malware developers, and other dangerous or threatening agents or circumstances.

These apps, offered either for free or paying a monthly (or annual) subscription, implement technologies named protocols to create a virtual tunnel for the customer’s data and location information to travel safely, away from any external agent and from the servers of the Internet Service Provider, which is eager to keep and share logs of your data with third parties in order to make a profit.

Virtual Private Networks can take your IP address and hide it, lending you one for temporary use since they manage servers and IPs from several nations. If you are in China and use a VPN to earn a Japanese IP number, you will be able to enter all sites from Japan, including Quora (since it isn’t blocked in that specific nation.)

TorGuard: the best VPN to unblock Quora in China

Hundreds of VPN brands populate the market these days. Only a handful of them is secure, while most of them somewhat limit your Internet speed since they involve data traveling around servers in different locations. However, TorGuard is safe, implements robust 256-bit encryption, and has some of the best speeds in the business.

TorGuard is an American VPN brand with years of experience in the online security field. In fact, besides the VPN service, it offers a privacy bundle, anonymous proxy, and anonymous email. This Virtual Private Network provider is compatible with most of the platforms and operating systems in the market these days (including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and routers,) and it has several protocols available for use, even the open-source OpenVPN.

With exciting security features such as DNS leak protection, a kill switch, and a strict no logging policy, you can easily unblock Quora in China, as well as all the other blocked sites and networks. TorGuard has a monthly cost of $10, but it is more than worth every penny. If you happen to have issues with the service, contact the customer support team via email or, better yet, through its live chat feature, available 24/7.

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A Guide to Unblock Quora in China

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A Guide to Unblock Quora in China

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A Guide to Unblock Quora in China

How to unblock Quora in China

  • Select a VPN with servers in a country that allows access to Quora
  • Go to that VPN’s website
  • Register for the plan of your liking. You will need to provide a payment method, and some brands ask for your name, email, and other personal information
  • Create a username and a password
  • Download and install the VPN app in your device
  • Sign in to your VPN account
  • Connect to a server from a country that allows access to Quora
  • Done! You will now be able to unblock Quora in China

In conclusion, to unblock Quora in China, you need a Virtual Private Network because the page is off-limits as part of The Great Firewall scheme. If you are in mainland China and try to enter, the service will recognize your IP address and ban you from accessing, but if you spoof your location with a VPN, the outcome would be positive.

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