More Americans Going for VPN Services Following the Trump Administration Privacy Rollback

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When Donald Trump took office, his controversial nature was one of the key points everyone noted. A change was inevitable. This what can be said of his current decision of rolling back the privacy laws put in place by the Obama administration. This has had huge impacts on how people behave online.

Initially, most users of VPN services were companies and individuals who worried about their online privacy. However, even these ones only used the VPN in certain places and at certain times only. After Trump and his Congress changed the privacy laws, the use of VPN services has considerably gone up.

Jack Dorsey, the chief executive officer of Twitter retweeted a tweet from the general counsel of Twitter, Vijaya Gadde saying Time to start using a VPN at home. This just shows how delicate the situation has become.

The FCC rules put in place by the Obama administration were voted to be rolled back by both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Both houses are now dominated by Republican politicians with the former house voting 215-205 and the latter 50-48 against the rules. President Trump went ahead to approve of the laws’ repeal.

While the repeal of the laws is not good for anyone, it has come with some good benefits. The most important one is that people are beginning to take their online security seriously. Previously, the use of privacy tools such as VPN and firewalls was not widespread enough.

Following the repeal of the laws put in place by the Obama administration, the adoption of VPN services went up by an impressive 25 to 40 percent. This is a good sign as people’s personal security online will go up by a significant amount. This is what should have been done ages ago.

As more and more people go for VPN services, there are many options one can consider. The best deal at the moment is offered by TorGuard. It is a combination of a VPN service and private email which can be bought for a month membership at a measly $9.99! When going for privacy, always ensure you find a solution that will cover you for the longest period possible. TorGuard is your best bet here.

While it may be an issue having to commit to a product, it comes as a breath of fresh air knowing that the VPN service provider has been favorably rated on many online review platforms including the reputable For just $9.99, you can rest easy knowing the president won’t sneak in on your privacy.

There are many other worthy options such as GhostVPN and Private Internet Access VPN both is which boast of great features at great prices. It all depends on your needs and how much you are willing to pay for the VPN services. With the law changes, a VPN is but mandatory.

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