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ExpressVPN and TorGuard VPN are some of our top-rated VPN providers. However, I see ExpressVPN touted everywhere as the best VPN, and in this ExpressVPN vs. TorGuard VPN article, I’m going to help you understand why that might not be true. We’ve already reviewed both VPN providers (ExpressVPN review here, TorGuard VPN review here) but this will be a detailed comparison without ANY bias that stacks...[Read More]


If you’re not a fan of Netflix, or you don’t like Hulu, you might be interested in Amazon Video. In a lot of ways, it’s disrupting the industry through similar methods that Netflix has used. Amazon is making its content, exclusive to the Amazon Video play platform. With Amazon Video, you can watch shows like Transparent, The Man in the High Castle, Catastrophe, Mozart in the Jungle, the Neon Demon...[Read More]


What is Stealth VPN? Today, we are going to answer that question so you can understand what it means. You may have heard of Stealth VPN in our TorGuard VPN review, and wondered what makes it so good–and why is it ideal to use with VPN for censored countries like China, Iran, or even Russia? What is Stealth VPN? In simple terms, Stealth VPN is camouflaged or disguised, VPN use. Stealth VPN ca...[Read More]


beIN is a global network of sports channels owned by beIN Media Group which is a division of AL-Jazeera network. If you are looking to unblock restrictions for AL Jazeera Sports of beIN sports, you’ve come to the right place. Requirements to watch beIN Sports:  If you want to watch beIN sports, you need to be in the Middle East, North Africa or have a package in US, Canada, France, Spain, or in Au...[Read More]


Adult Swim is one of the most iconic TV networks there is. The show hosts tons of animes, mockumentaries, comedies, and live-action shows that have dynamic themes and strong language. Just what we want right? If you want to watch Robot Chicken, Rick, and Morty, or even catch up on shows like Family Guy, and King of the Hill–you’ll need access to Adult Swim streaming or through a service like...[Read More]


American Broadcasting Company, known as ABC, is host to tons of popular shows like Marvel’s Agents of Shield, Nashville, The Neighbors, Football, and more. ABC like’s to classify itself as a show that is for everyone, but like most United States based broadcasting companies, you can only watch the content on their streaming site within the US. Requirements to watch ABC: ABC’s website also re...[Read More]


A&E stands for Arts & Entertainment Network. It’s an American cable and satellite television channel that has a host of shows including reality television programming. It’s a popular show, available in over 95,968,000 television households.Shows like Duck Dynasty, Intervention, Born This Way, Bates Motel, Longmire, Hoarders, Damien, and other shows can be watched on A&E TV. Is A&E ...[Read More]


What’s up with Target VPN? Have you been trying to use Private Internet Access with Target? You might be having problems, and you aren’t alone. Recently some Private Internet Access (PIA for short) users have found out that in some cases, Private Internet Access is no longer working with Target.  PIA forum user, ViperVPN explains that “This morning my wife discovered that she could not...[Read More]


Torrenting has always been a risky business since the files you download are shared throughout a peer network which means any file can be compromised. The only way to tell if a torrent is infected with torrent malware is through scanning comments, evaluating the file size, and the peer provider reputation. As if it wasn’t bad enough already, now security researchers from InfoArmor have revealed th...[Read More]


PPTP is just one of the many VPN protocols that you can use to protect your computer and iPhone. However, that said, while it’s an option, it’s not necessarily the best protocol by any stretch of the imagination. We covered this subject in depth, here in this article–but the basics are that PPTP is a severely outdated protocol with a lot of security holes. Unfortunately, a lot of users don’t...[Read More]

untitled-design, one of the most popular Bitcoin trading networks in Russia, has now been banned by the Russian government. While Russia’s government hasn’t  made a complete stance against Bitcoin, this is an indication that they are against it, and its a sign of things to come.  We’ve seen similar issues in countries like China, Iran, and increasingly Russia–where these governments are fo...[Read More]


Pokemon Go has swept across the nation and then some, topping charts and making lots of money. It’s even got people out of the house for a few weeks. The craze might be dying down a bit, but if you’re a loyal Pokemon fan, you might be playing this game for years especially if Niantic keeps updating the game with new features and even new Pokemon from later iterations. Even Apple has joined  in the...[Read More]

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