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VPN Unlimited Review

If your eyebrow is raised, I don’t blame you. VPN Unlimited is one of those VPNs that has a pricing scheme that seems to good to be true. For only $129 dollars, you could get an infinite subscription for the cost that some VPN providers ask for in just a year. In this VPN Unlimited review, we dive right into the offerings and features provided to let you know if it’s worth a purchase. ...[Read More]



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VPN Unlimited

VPN Unlimited has some crazy speeds and crazy pricing. But is that enough to warrant your purchase? Read the VPN Unlimited review  to find out.



VPN.AC Review

In this VPN.AC review, we will highlight what VPN.AC excels at and what it could improve. While smaller than a lot of VPN providers, VPN.AC surprised us in this review–and if you’re looking for a new stable VPN to try out, it could surprise you too. Pricing 8/10 VPN.AC is slightly cheaper than a standard $10 price per month. However, it’s 6-month plan, and yearly plan are quite a...[Read More]



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VPN.AC is a smaller VPN provider that manages to bring a solid foundation to the table  for interested VPN users.

VPN Providers That Don’t Work With Netflix

This Netflix issue with VPN providers is getting out of hand. When we started covering it in January, we thought that it would be a minor issue. However, as the weeks rolled on by, we became increasingly aware of how aggressive Netflix is being with the great VPN block of 2016. We’ve covered in detail how to get access to Netflix with some VPNs, but until today, we haven’t made a giant...[Read More]

5 Fastest VPNs

While VPNs have become faster and more available every day, not every single VPN provider knows how to deliver high speeds to its user base. It’s a tricky thing managing thousands of users, thousands of servers, and making everything stable 24/7. Some VPN providers just don’t have a large enough server network while some just don’t care that their speeds aren’t that high. I...[Read More]

5 Cheapest VPNs

In the hunt for the best VPN, your primary concern very well might be the hunt for the cheapest VPN. We understand the cost of VPNs better than anyone, which is why we’ve written this guide and handpicked some of our best cheap VPNs. All of these VPNs are surprisingly good for being easy on the wallet. Believe it or not, just because a VPN cost more, doesn’t necessarily mean that it...[Read More]

Best VPNs for Iran

Iran is an Internet-savvy country, with over 20 million Iranians online. However, Iran also has one of the strictest censorship regimes in the world. The Iranian’s government heavily censors and blacklists any form of content that they deem inappropriate. This content could include anything political, sexual, or even current events. It’s hard to gain access to real content in Iran, esp...[Read More]

How to Speed Up Torrents and Block Throttling

Do you experience slow download speeds while torrenting, but experience fast download speeds for everything else? Your internet service provider (ISP) could be intentionally bottlenecking or throttling your P2P (peer to peer) connections. ISPs are often guilty off shaping bandwidth in this fashion when you’re downloading large torrents, or streaming HD video. While it’s quite annoying,...[Read More]

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