Which is the Best Anonymous Browser?

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Keeping the internet anonymous and allowing its users’ privacy should always remain a priority. Many different services exist whose goal is to provide just this. Of course, on top of them all sits a good, reliable VPN.

However, sometimes you won’t have it as an option. There could be multiple reasons why that might happen, but the point is that you learn what to do in a situation like that. Our answer is an anonymous browser. And just to enhance your security a little more, we recommend using one of these browsers in combination with your VPN.

After all, you can never have too much security. With the online situation like the one we have today, you can never tell what the hackers are capable of. So, to help you increase your security this one more step, we have prepared an overview of some of the best anonymous browsers out there. Let’s take a look.

The Best Anonymous Browsers

Comodo Dragon browser

Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux

This is a browser with quite a reputation, and many have already heard about it, even if they did not have a chance to use it. It was a part of security tools sets that everyone recommended for years.

It offers tons of different features. The main ones include domain validation technology, that is one of the proper basis for any good online privacy system. Next, there is an ad tracker that is built in, which means that you don’t have to download it additionally. Also, it blocks all download tracking, at least the one that is browser-related.

Comodo is based on Chromium. This is an open source project, and even Google uses its source code for enhancing Chrome. So basically, if you like Google Chrome, but you want its safer and more reliable version, Comodo is the way to go.

Epic browser

Supports Windows and Mac

This is another anonymous browser built on Chromium platform. It is one of the rare ones that can live up to their name, and actually do a good job at being epic.

As mentioned, it is Chromium-based as well. However, this one was built as an ‘always on’ version of a privacy browser. What this means is that all online tracking coming from marketing agencies, Google, or even the government is completely stopped.

It even allows you to turn on its proxy whenever you like. That will help with bypassing restrictions set by workplaces or schools. It can even help when it comes to protecting yourself from hackers.

What you must remember is that this all works only when it comes to the data that goes through this browser. The rest of your connection is still vulnerable unless you use a VPN. Basically, the only difference between the two is that VPN keeps everything under protection and encryption, while Epic will only take care of browsing data.

SRWare Iron

Supports Windows, Android, Mac, and Linux

Once again, we have anonymity tool built on Chromium. However, it is also a unique tool. The thing that makes it so special is the data protection measures.

It protects you by completely shutting Google’s tracking abilities down. Usually, when you start Google, it records what you do. SRWare Ironworks by removing your ID, as well as turning off the suggestions on Google.

This might sound like eliminating a very useful tool, but it is necessary if you want to remain anonymous. Google can’t suggest things for you without studying you. Sacrifices must be made for enhanced security, and there is no way around that.

SRWare Iron is also constantly getting improvements. New versions and updates come out all the time, which ensures that the product doesn’t get too old and unreliable. It is important to know that the developers didn’t simply make it and then went away.

Tor browser

Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux

Many would argue that this is the best browser that you will ever find. They would usually be right, but since there are many conflicting reports about it, we can’t know for sure. Multiple reports claim that it was hacked and that it can’t be trusted at the moment.

If we assume that it works at its best, it truly is among the greatest ones. It definitely provides you with a lot of protection, which includes your location, history, personal data, as well as online messages.

Tor will protect you from anyone and anything online. It is not like the others, and it uses its own Tor network. Basically, it breaks down your data and sends it around the world on through different servers and routers. This makes it impossible for anyone to track you, or what you are doing.

However, all that data-detour also makes it extremely slow, and you can’t use it for streaming and similar activities. If it requires speed, it won’t work well with Tor.

Its safety currently may be questionable, but there is no doubt that, while at its best, this is the safest browser that you can find.


Increasing your online security is a serious and important matter. You can’t just use one method and expect to have total safety and anonymity. Instead, a wide variety of tools are necessary, and only through them can you truly secure your data.

VPNs are the best when it comes to this, but combining them with anonymous browsers is much better. That is not perfect either, but the more layers you have, the better your safety, and it is definitely better to use them.

In the end, it al depends on you and your situation. How much do you worry about your privacy, how much do you care, and alike. If you do, then this is the step in the right direction, and we completely support it.

Ali is a freelance journalist with 5 years of experience in web journalism and marketing. He contributes to various online publications. With a master degree, now he combines his passions for writing about internet security and technology. When he is not working, he loves traveling and playing games.

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