Best BTGuard Alternatives


BTGuard is one of the oldest VPN providers around that made a name for itself as a premier VPN provider for torrenting. However, since it’s creation, it’s taken a downward turn in terms of speed, services, and overall usability.

They barely even manage the service/website anymore, and you can see that very clearly just by looking at the bottom of the main page. It still says “Netcrawled LLC 2014”. It’s now 2017…

You can see our full thoughts on BTGuard, in our BTGuard review, but the bottom line is that it’s not the best VPN to use anymore, and there are better BTGuard alternatives that have better proxies and users for torrenting. In this article, I’ll give you the best BTGuard alternatives that work well for torrenting, browsing, media streaming, and even gaming.

#1 BTGuard Alternative – TorGuard

Best BTGuard Alternatives

Whereas BTGuard is outdated, and clearly not used by many people anymore, TorGuard is one of the leading premiere VPN providers that is constantly surprising us with better features almost monthly.

TorGuard has overhauled their main app’s design, implemented new features, increased speeds, and maintained their ability to work with Netflix through their unique dedicated IPs. Their basic VPN subscription can be as low as $5 a month, and this includes a free BitTorrent proxy so you can torrent all you want!

#2 BTGuard Alternative – Private Internet Access

Best BTGuard Alternatives

PIA Logo

Private Internet Access is similar to TorGuard but slightly cheaper. It doesn’t have as many features and I don’t like it as much as my main VPN since sometimes it doesn’t work with some websites or Netflix, (and it’s management and history is a bit weird/sketchy) but I cannot in good faith not recommend it as a better BTGuard alternative since it is. It’s super fast, works well on most computers, affordable, and easy to use. See our full perspective in the PIA review.

#3 BTGuard Alternative – ExpressVPN

Best BTGuard Alternatives

Thirdly, as far as worthy BTGuard alternatives go, I would recommend ExpressVPN. It’s more expensive than the other options, and more expensive than BTGuard itself, but the speeds, user experience, website, customer support, and the sometimes-working Netflix compatibility is worth a look. It’s also made some good improvements in 2016, see them in our ExpressVPN review.


BTGuard is an outdated VPN provider that is in maintenance mode. Any of the three VPNs we recommended will give you a much better experience in terms of speed, usability, security, and even customer support if you demand refunds.

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