Best NYAA Alternatives to Watch Anime Online?

NYAA alternatives

Torrenting is a fantastic solution if you want to binge on your favorite content on the web, whether it is horror films, sitcoms, drama movies, psychological thrillers, or even anime. The latter genre could be found at its best on the NYAA platform, but unfortunately, it is not up and running anymore. Keep reading this article to know which are the best NYAA alternatives to watch anime online.

NYAA torrents: a dormant giant

One of the most famous and widely used sites for anime while it was active, NYAA Torrents was a BitTorrent website that excelled at providing East Asian media for its users, mainly Japanese, Korean, and Chinese material.

The name NYAA is the Japanese onomatopoeia for a cat’s “meow.” It was created in 2010, and for the next seven years until its closure in May 2017, it endured legal battles with copyright trolls about cases of infringement.

For example, in 2011, a sizable user community was flagged because of copyright infringement. On top of that, NYAA was also the target of a DDoS attack in September 2014. Three years later, on May 2017, all domains of the site were shut down, including the .se, .eu and .org names. Shortly after that, the administrator voluntarily took down NYAA.

Since NYAA earned so much popularity among the Asian fan base, as well as other locations looking to gain access to Anime shows, its departure from the online landscape has left a void that has been difficult to fill.

Best NYAA alternatives to watch anime online

If you love anime, you surely miss NYAA dearly. However, here are some of the best NYAA alternatives to watch anime online:

One of the best NYAA alternatives to watch anime online is, which was the first anime dedicated torrent index to fill NYAA’s shoes after its absence somewhat. Most of the torrents that were available on its predecessor can be found on

If you want to find all NYAA’s torrents up to April 2017, you can go to Pantsu NYAA, and they will be there since the site is managed by the same administrators and users from the NYAA index. The platform has a search button and is similar to its “father.” is one of Russia’s most popular torrent sites, with a powerful built-in search engine that provides access to the best and latest anime series, such as Youjo Senki – Saga of Tanya the Evil, Natsume Yuujinchou Roku, Naruto, and more. High definition content can be found both subbed and dubbed.

A strong contender to be the best NYAA alternative is Anirena. It provides a unique user experience with its media tabs horizontally-lined for quick access to torrents. There are tons of anime options to download.

AnimeTosho is considered a clone to what NYAA was, with a very similar interface and layout. It is a free page, with an automated DDL host service and Usenet that lets users upload media in just minutes. The anime community absolutely loves this site.

The Tokyo Toshokan page acts like’s father. It comes with a blog, an option to search torrents, not to mention the season list and anime torrent episodes on the homepage. is one of the best alternatives to NYAA if you want to watch anime online.

TheHylia is a page that acts as a direct download platform for anime content. You can get your preferred series without annoying ads and affiliate links. On top of that, the site does not endorse high-fee subscriptions, making it a favorite NYAA alternative.

One of the most widely known and visited torrent indexes in the world, RuTracker has learned to survive even the fiercest attacks form copyright enforcement forces and is one of the best NYAA alternatives if you want to watch anime content online. It offers other genres, too, as well as music, books, games, and other material.

Anime-Sharing is a complete and categorized forum that has search notifications of all the anime content available for download. It has an FAQ section, quick links, and all the makings of a smoothly organized forum. It offers the latest series in the world of anime.

If it weren’t for the slow website and torrents found on the index, Tokyo Toshokan would be near the top of the list. However, it is not useless, as it has an entire library of Japanese media available for users.

VPN for torrenting: a smart choice

The activity of torrenting can be considered dangerous if the user does not take the right security measures. As NYAA clearly illustrated, the operation is full of copyright trolls that can seek legal action towards people that download copyrighted material. You could use a tool like a VPN.

What are VPNs? They are online apps that can be found as free or paid services. They can hide the user’s location and online identity (IP address) as well as its shared content online (traffic) so that external agents, like copyright enforcers, hackers (also very common in torrent websites,) online advertisers, malware developers, and others.

VPNs can offer you privacy and the ability to browse the web anonymously. However, they can also work as tools to unblock international content that would be blocked under normal circumstances. If you are in Brazil, Germany, or Australia, and want to enter a Russian torrent website such as RuTracker, all you need to do is hire a VPN with servers in Russia.

Enjoy the safest torrenting experience with TorGuard

TorGuard is highly regarded as far as VPN options go. With it, you can safely enjoy the best NYAA alternatives and watch anime online from anywhere, given that the brand manages over 3,000 virtual servers in 55 nations around the world. On top of that, there is multiprotocol availability and an excellent customer service.

When torrenting, the worst outcome would be your IP address being shown to the world, as copyright trolls, malware developers, and hackers could hinder your experience. Fortunately, TorGuard prevents IP and DNS leaks, protects your content via 256-bit encryption, and has a strict no logging privacy policy.

In conclusion, NYAA may be dead now, but as you could see in this article, the best NYAA alternatives to watch anime online are waiting for you. To improve your torrenting experience, use a Virtual Private Network.

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