How to Buy Dedicated VPN


Virtual private networks, or more commonly referred to as VPNs, are great because they give you a shared anonymous IP which you can hide behind when you are torrenting, trying to stay anonymous at airports, or just to secure your connection behind anonymity.

However, sometimes you want to use a dedicated VPN, or more commonly referred to as a dedicated IP from your VPN. If you just want to find the best VPN, check out this article here, but if you’re here for dedicated IPs from your VPN, keep reading!

When you use a dedicated IP provided from a VPN provider, you are assigned a new IP different from the one you use without a VPN. These dedicated IP addresses from your VPN have many advantages that a shared IP normally provided from using a VPN does not.

Why use Dedicated VPN?

How to Buy Dedicated VPN

Media streaming! Dedicated IPs work better for Netflix!

When you use a dedicated IP VPN address, you are using an IP address that is unique to YOU. This is great for Netflix streaming since Netflix and other media providers like Hulu love to block shared IP addresses since they don’t like proxy or VPN users circumventing silly content restrictions. We have a great guide on the best VPNs for Netflix here.

Accessing Picky Websites

Sites like Bank of America, other banking websites, sometimes Google, and game services like or Steam like you to have a certain IP that looks familiar. Once you start using a VPN and changing your IP a lot, you might find that you need to re-verify yourself or you could also get locked out of your account due to strange activity.

Also, some popular VPN providers like Private Internet Access have lots of their IPs blacklisted which can block you from accessing a site.

In these cases, a dedicated IP that appears like your real IP to these sites after they get used to the new IP after a time is very handy.


I personally hate having to re-verify myself on steam!!!

Step By Step Guide – How to Buy Dedicated VPN

How to Buy Dedicated VPN

Dedicated IPs can be very useful for streaming Netflix and accessing websites as previously noted, but the tricky thing is that it can be hard to find VPN providers who offer dedicated IPs as an extended add-on. That’s why this article will show you how to buy a dedicated VPN.

Step #1

Finding a VPN provider that sells dedicated IPs is your first step. For now, I’ll recommend TorGuard  (full TorGuard Review) as the best dedicated VPN provider that sells dedicated IPs. They are super fast, their customer support team is top notch, and they also affordable.

Step #2

Click here, and purchase a TorGuard subscription and then choose dedicated IP add-on on checkout.

Step #3

Once you get your dedicated IP, you need to set it up into TorGuard. Start your TorGuard app, then click on “more settings”. From here, go to “Servers” then add your dedicated IP into the “IP Address” section with any comment you want to remember the server. Click “Add” then “Save”.

Step #4

Go back to the main page of the app, and click on “Select Server”. Find your dedicated IP server, and click connect.

Step #5

Once you connect, you are now connected to your own dedicated VPN! This is your unique dedicated IP address different from all other users on the VPN network.

Spark has a simple mission to help you chose the best VPN without any bias. Which VPN do I use? See it here!

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