Is CyberGhost VPN Good For Torrenting?


CyberGhost is a VPN option that helps you get online anonymously. It helps you unblock streaming websites and will protect your Wi-Fi connection from being exposed or broken into. It especially provides you with an extensive number of server and IP options from all corners of the world.

But is it really that good of an option for your torrenting needs? As we are about to review here, CyberGhost is not necessarily the best choice for your torrenting demands.

Not Many Torrenting Servers

The selection of torrenting servers available through CyberGhost is rather minimal. You would have to pay for services as the free servers that the VPN offers don’t work with torrents in mind. What’s more is that the torrenting servers are often rather slow and don’t give you enough geographic options to choose from.

In addition, the servers are often not protected as well as others. While 128-bit encryption is often found on many servers, this is obviously not as strong as the 256-bit standard that so many other VPN services use.

Not Many Switching Options

The process of switching from one server to the next while on CyberGhost is not very easy to handle. This can be rather rough and difficult to use when you’re trying to move to a different type of server that might be a little faster and potentially more secure.

Difficult to Find Secure Features

CyberGhost does not work with some of the more secure features that you’d expect to find out of a VPN that works with torrenting in mind. It does not work with any Tor or SHA-2 encryption features. It often works with root certificates in the installation and setup process as well, thus allowing the service to collect your data without you knowing that it is doing so.

What Alternatives Are There to Cyberghost?

There are several other VPN choices that might be better for your use when finding and downloading torrents:


IPVanish is a popular option for how it offers a proper torrenting experience with no logs involved. It doesn’t use root certificates that require you to get your data tracked either. It also has servers in more than 60 countries.


ExpressVPN is another option that gives you three simultaneous connections. It operates on a great variety of platforms and can especially works without legal risks. As it is based out of the British Virgin Islands, it will not be at risk of legal issues relating to offering torrenting support. This allows you to get extra help for torrents without any interruptions.


You can get your VPN hidden with AirVPN. This offers regular re-keying for keeping your IP connection secure while offering regular switches. This keeps you from being spotted all that easily. It works with no maximum speed limits too.

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