Discover How to Change Google Play Store Region in Your Device

Change Google Play Store Region

Imagine you have a favorite app, one that you really want to have on your phone. However, you lived in Spain and said the app is not available in your country but can be downloaded in the United Kingdom and Germany. Does that mean that you have to relocate to one of those nations to be able to enjoy your preferred feature? Luckily, the answer is no. Not at all. You have the possibility to change Google Play Store region in order to fully enjoy free apps anywhere, anytime.

For example, Pokemon Go was not initially available in many countries despite the game’s worldwide popularity. Thousands of people waited patiently for the game’s release in their respective nations, but others just could not wait any longer! What they did was change Google Play Store region on their devices and download it just as if they were in another country where the game was already existing.

This issue is not exclusive to the Pokemon Go fan base: there are millions of users of other apps that find themselves unable to access their preferred Google Play Services because of geographical and marketing limitations. And it’s not just apps: movies, TV shows, games and even books can be downloaded in some places and are unavailable in others.

Google Play is the download center for every app available in a specific country or region. Each one has its own apps, books and other goods and assets to offer to the millions of Android operating system users. But the collection of applications obtainable in one nation is not necessarily the same in others, so a lot of people may feel the need to change Google Play Store region. How can it be achieved?

VPN: a world full of possibilities

You can change Google Play Store region without root. “Rooting” the Android is basically unlocking it with the intention of having more possibilities to enter and manipulating the software that has been protected, or blocked, by the fabricant.

“Rooting” your Android phone or tablet is not entirely necessary thanks to VPN or Virtual Private Networks. This tool helps you hide your current geographical position, which makes the process of changing the Play Store location much easier and smoother.

There are many benefits of using VPN apps. Some of them are:

  • They increase Internet security and privacy because of the traffic encryption gained because of the VPN.
  • They help gain access to apps and features from other countries just by changing the IP address.
  • VPN servers and apps are not only available for Android, but also in iOS and Windows PC.
  • They offer faster connection speeds and enhance navigability.
  • The cost of expensive long-distance leased lines is reduced.
  • Long-distance telephone charges are significantly reduced or eliminated.
  • File sharing: data interchange is facilitated by VPN, especially for groups.

As you can see, many good things can come if you choose to incorporate VPN in your Internet experience. For this piece, though, we will concentrate on the second benefit explained above, which is the ability to change the IP address of a device successfully. You want to change Google Play Store region on Android phones and/or tablets? We can help you! Just make sure you follow these steps:

  • Acquire a VPN app, one that your Android phone or device makes available for you.
  • Select the VPN server in the selected country.
  • Connect through VPN.
  • Select the option “Settings” on your device, and then tap on “Apps.”
  • Click on the Google Play Store App, under “Downloaded.”
  • The next steps are tapping on the “Clear Data” and “Force Stop” buttons.
  • Go back to the main screen and open the Google Play Store.
  • You’ve done it! You changed Google Play Store region and can successfully start taking advantage of it.

The IP address is the element that tells Google Play Store all it needs to know about past and future entries because it determines the region or geographical area that you are accessing from. For this reason, it is necessary to remove the old location from Google before modifying it to another country.

There are other ways to change Google Play Store region in Android devices. Here is another one:

  • Remove the SIM card, activate the Airplane Mode and disable the GPS.
  • Go to “Settings,” then tap on “Accounts” and later on “Google,” in order to access the “Remove Account” button. Press it.
  • Restart the device.
  • Connect to the VPN server of the country which Google Play Store you want to gain entry to.
  • Confirm that the status of the VPN says “Connected.” This is very important.
  • Log back in with your Google account and then search the Google Play Store and execute it.

These methods are good enough to enter Google Play Store of countries like United States, United Kingdom, the Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan, just to name a few. The best part of all is that there is no need to enter any credit card information to do so. Just follow the steps above, and you will be able to change Google Play Store region and enjoy the benefits of having access to new services and features that were blocked in the place you live in.

The aforementioned steps and methods represent the way how a person living in Venezuela, for example, can get to download apps and other services/features that are unavailable in his / her country, but present in the Google Play US (United States) catalog. Many games, movies, apps and TV shows available in the US.

How to choose the best VPN

Discover How to Change Google Play Store Region in Your Device

A very important feature about a VPN provider is that it has many servers around the world, so it can offer its services in more places and in a more effective way.

There can be Virtual Private Networks for different ends: some are focused on the IP change to access apps in other nations, some are of temporary use, and others are designed for people with a heavy flow of download data.

Effective (and free) VPN servers

As we have seen in this article, downloading and using the right VPN server/app can solve some of your biggest problems when using the Internet. These tools provide security, privacy and even usability solutions in almost every device available at present.

A Virtual Private Network encrypts your Internet connection to make it safe and to protect you against hacker attacks or information leaked, especially while using public and unsafe connections such as in airports or big restaurant and stores.

Most of the following options are available for free. Try them on your device and reap the benefits of added privacy and security, not to mention the possibility to change Google Play Store region. Some of the best options in the market are:

Discover How to Change Google Play Store Region in Your Device  Discover How to Change Google Play Store Region in Your Device  Discover How to Change Google Play Store Region in Your Device
Multi-platform Compatible
256-AES Encryption
Website Rating 9.9 9.2 8.9
24/7 Live Chat
Residential / Dedicated IP for permanent streaming access
Has Mobile App + PC / Mac Support
Stealth VPN / Advanced Obfuscation techniques
Visit VPN Provider Visit TorGuard Visit IPvanish Visit PIA

Remember; don’t get frustrated if you are not able to download an app in your country or if the dreaded “This app is not compatible with any of your devices” message that every now and then gets in your way. There are multiple means to change the location in the Android device to access other countries’ Google Play Store. To achieve this, a Virtual Private Network is your best friend.

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