How to Find Safe Torrents to Avoid Malware

Safe Torrents

Have you ever wondered how experienced users download torrent files that are free from malware? Most times, you may find it hard downloading video files that do not play. Well, there are lots of secrets these experienced guys know which you don’t! In this article, we will be taking a look on how to find and download safe torrents that are free from malware and errors.

But before we begin, it is vital to know that there are few groups that take pride in using torrents to spread malware just for the fun of it. Most inexperienced users do not know the file is infected. Let’s also not forget that some files are of poor quality and it is not really worth it downloading files as such. To avoid all these and download torrents like a pro, you need to know some vital information.

How to find safe torrents

How to Find Safe Torrents to Avoid Malware

In today’s internet world, there are lots of torrent sites and it is not easy to know the ones that are safe. It is important to know that most of these sites are filled with spams and there are built to spread malware without you knowing.

These sites are easy to set-up and there make huge returns for the hacker. As a result of this, you need to make sure your torrent site is safe. Some safe torrent sites you can download contents are The Torrent Project, BitSnoop, isoHunt, LimeTorrents, Torrentz2, etc. These sites have moderators that help to avoid bad torrents.

Read all the comments

Do you know that the best torrent sites have a special system that enables comments? The comments are generated by real users; these users have generated a community of trust between them. When you read these comments, you can be taught valuable things about the torrent that you love most.

Some things that might be of interest to you are if people are asking for passwords to access the file you are about to download, comments about the video or audio quality, and if someone is complaining about the need for a special kind of player to play the file.

Comments on every torrent will help you find the best and the safest. If you are about to download a torrent that has no comment and you are not sure if the torrent is safe, all you need to do is to wait for users to comment on it. If you aren’t patient and you want a torrent as quickly as possible, you can continue searching for other files.

Does the Torrent have safe source

It is important to note that there are lots of torrent uploaders due to the fact that the industry has been around for some time now. But you need to know that there are lots of torrent uploaders and some of the trusted names are, RARBG, aXXo, EZTV, Ettv, ExtraTorrentRG.

These are some of the most trusted uploaders in the industry. When you see these names, you are rest assured that they are safe. As a newbie, you need to keep tabs of who and where you download your files from.

Has the file released yet?

As a newbie, you need to avoid downloading torrent files that haven’t been released yet. Lots of hackers upload torrent contents that hasn’t been released yet. A sure way to know if the file has been uploaded or not is by using a vital tool called Squawkr.

Before you download that file of your choice, you need to sign up for the content that you want to see, and it will let you know when a high-quality version is released immediately. With Squawkr, you won’t be worried if the file you are trying to download is quality or not because it only deals with TV releases.

What are the other ways to find safe torrents?

How to Find Safe Torrents to Avoid Malware

Besides the tweaks listed above to download safe torrents, there are other vital ways to get a safe file. There are few things you need to know to make sure you get the right thing. You need to know that:

  1. A single rar file always requires a password; as a result, the file is difficult to open. You need to avoid files like this. You might also see that it has a readme.txt.URL file – if it has this, you need to avoid downloading it.
  2. Downloading a single AVI file is not a good option.
  3. A new tracker that you can’t find when you search on Google but has lots of seeders on a file is not a good option and you may risk getting malware.
  4. Discovering the average file size of any torrent file you want to download is a vital step to take. If the file is large after comparing it with the average size, then it is not real, don’t download!
  5. Finally, the safest and the best option to download torrents for yourself is VPN. This will help you avoid malware that might affect your file. Also, the best VPN for torrent is Torguard.

Downloading torrents these days are becoming too risky even though it is one of the best ways to get any file that you have always desired. The way torrents are transferred makes it too easy to get viruses, or to get caught transferring illegal content.

Before downloading any content, you need to ensure that you have an antivirus installed. A powerful antivirus will protect you from malware attacks. Windows comes with Windows Defender, and it is one tool that can be used to avoid malicious torrents. Other third-party antiviruses are BitDefender, Kaspersky, etc.

Preventive measures to avoid malware

Most local sites are plagued with ads and most users are faced with pop-ups and links to dangerous sites. Some ads might also contain an executable script that will make your browser vulnerable to virus attacks.

Some advertisers do not want to associate themselves with torrent sites, some torrent trackers are obligated to turn to advertisers as a source of revenue to pay for server costs.

As a result of this, there is little time invested in selecting reputable advertisers. Before you download any torrent file, you must take some preventive measures.

  • Do not click on ads to avoid viruses. Most people fall prey to this especially for ads that are interactive. You can use an ad-blocker to avoid free ads. Adblockers help to remove ads with a blank space; it works in a way that it reformats the space to make sure that the when you open a website, it is as if the ads were never there.
  • You need to disable flash or require a manual approval to run flash. To get to this feature on your browser (Firefox), all you need to do is to go to Menu > Addons > Plugins.
  • You need to avoid files that are prone to viruses. Do not download torrent files such as EXE and BAT, these are the commonest ways of sending viruses. You need avoid cracked programs because there are also susceptible to virus attacks.
  • You can also join a private torrent community that can help you with your torrent downloads. Most users in this community are experienced. Therefore, torrents are created and there are shared by members of this group. When you download files, you rest assured that you are downloading from trusted members. Most people find it difficult joining a private community; this is due to the fact that someone has to give you an invite before joining the group. To join a private community, all you need to do is to be active in various online communities and be a friend to someone who has access to a torrent community.


No doubts, torrent files are important to us but downloading them may be hectic. The best ways to download without running to risk is by following all tactics listed in this article.

It is also imperative to know that even experienced torrent users download files that are unsafe with malware, but having an antivirus and following these steps will protect you.

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