What is Geo-Blocking, and How to Stop it?

What is Geo-Blocking, and How to Stop it?

How can you stop geo-blocking? Well, if you want to unblock websites like Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, or any other media or regular website, you need to change your IP. Online content is all about your IP address. Your IP address is something like 95.123.123 and it’s essentially your computer’s virtual address. When you visit a website, the website sees your IP, and thus knows where you are in the REAL world. Unless you’re using a VPN or proxy, that is!

Geo-blocking is when specific services and websites are only available for certain countries. Geo-blocking works by isolating IPs and deciding therein. Let’s say you’re in Australia and you want to watch Hulu, you can’t do this since you show Hulu (by connecting and showing your IP) when you connect that you live in Australia. Websites like Hulu restrict who can watch their content due to licensing restrictions.

Online services make deals to make the most money and they can restrict their services how they see fit! In order to connect to websites that are geo-restricted, you need to lift the geo-restrictions by hiding and changing your IP. So how do you do this?

How to Change IP to Unblock Geo-restrictions?

Step #1 for Unblocking Geo-restrictions

The first thing you’ll need to change your IP to unblock geo-restrictions is a VPN. Unfortunately, for media streaming, you can’t use a free VPN since media streaming requires a lot of bandwidth. Free VPNs only give you extremely limited amounts of bandwidth to use, so you’ll need a paid VPN if you want reliable geo-unblocking. My recommendation is TorGuard since it’s the only VPN that works with Netflix 24/7.

Step #2

Once you get your VPN provider, you’ll need to decide which country’s IP you want. Do you want a US IP to get access to US content? If so, connect to a US server to get a US IP to trick websites into thinking you’re actually in the US and you deserve access to US content. It’s that simple! It gets a bit more complicated with more strict services like Netflix however, that tend to block VPN IPs. You’ll need a special dedicated IP only really available with TorGuard to use Netflix with a VPN

Step #3 

Once you got your IP, you can connect to the server and your IP will be changed to be un geo-restricted. You will find that websites that normally give errors will no longer do so!


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