Get a VPN in Australia 2017 to Protect Agaisnt Metadata Tracking

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Using a VPN in Australia is becoming more and more common. Just this April 13 2016, people, and most notably, the Digital Rights Watch–an advocate for internet privacy in Australia, started dubbing the date “National VPN day” since this was the day that the mandatory data retention came into effect with telecom providers around the country retaining and then storing customer internet data. Why exactly? Well despite claims that storing customer data could be used to protect against criminals, no one is really sure why.

But what we do know is that the law and data collection is VERY extensive. The legislation was passed in 2015, and now in April of 2017, the ISPs and telecom companies have built up systems able to handle the large amounts of metadata pulled from users in the country.

ISPs and telecom companies will be tracking all sorts of metadata like internet history, app use, internet time use, and what websites/services are used. If you’re using P2P sites, watching porn, or just using Facebook, they will know–trust me.

For awhile, since the internet came into creation, people believed or thought that their internet history was private, even if in a large circumstance that privacy is only an illusion. Now it’s clear that privacy is a thing of the past and it’s only getting worse in the future without VPNs.

Using VPN to Protect Metadata in Australia 2017:

Using a VPN can protect your metadata. The reason is that a VPN encrypts your traffic. Simply find a good Australia VPN like TorGuard (fastest VPN in Australia that doesn’t keep logs) then you will send your traffic through their servers which don’t keep your data but encrypt the flow of traffic. When an ISP tries to take your data it’s encrypted and they can’t identify whose data it is since VPNs also give you anonymous shared IPs.

Using VPN for Netflix in Australia 2017?

If you want to use a VPN in Australia to access more Netflix content, I don’t blame you. In fact, Australia actually ruled that using a VPN in this fashion is completely legal, even if Netflix frowns upon it.

Due to their aggression against VPNs, Netflix makes it so you can’t use most VPN providers/proxies in conjunction with Netflix streaming. They blacklist shared IPs that VPNs provide users. However, there are some exceptions, like TorGuard for example, that gets around the IP blacklisting by assigning unique dedicated IPs upon request.

Unblocking P2P Websites in Australia 2017

Websites like The Pirate Bay have been blocked in the past, so it’s not a surprise if it happens again. Australia has strict copyright laws, so if you want to get around blocks on P2P sites in Australia, you can use a VPN to get around them.

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