Hide IP Address on Kodi with VPN and Watch it All!

Hide IP Address on Kodi

Anonymity while browsing the web is a significant gift, one that users have begun to notice and, consequently, search. Not only can webpages track your data, traffic, and personal information just by looking at elements such as your IP address and location, but also annoying advertising messages can appear everywhere you watch on your computer if you have specific settings activated. This anonymity comes in handy if you want to enjoy the benefits of having Kodi, which is an entertainment platform designed to be a media player. Individual countries have some download and playing restrictions towards its content, and being “invisible” online will help you hide IP address on Kodi.

What you want is to remain somewhat hidden when you turn on your computer, smartphone or any device, because no good things can come when so many people can have access to your data and traffic. You do not know who can use it against you in the future. Besides, this privacy can help you if you feel harassed and spied by some internet service providers: they will not be able to identify and reach you if they can’t see you.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is a media center of the open source variety. It is software that functions in conjunction with a smart, flat screen TV and remote control, where the user can store videos, music, photos and all kinds of data in one device.

With the technological revolution of the last two decades, the planet has seen many tools, devices, gadgets, and utensils proliferate. Kodi is, without a doubt, one of the most fascinating, because it does not involve a hardware set per se.

It is multi-platform in the sense that, like software, it can fit several devices and tools to perform its tasks. Xbox Media Center created and developed this cutting-edge software in 2002 to function with the first Xbox console, but it was later designed to fit almost any of the devices that rule the world today.

The thing that makes Kodi so singular or different than the rest of online streaming and media center option is that it can receive the aid of different plugins and add-ons.

How does it work?

Hide IP Address on Kodi with VPN and Watch it All!

Kodi has the particularity of converting anything, from a computer, smartphone or any other popular device into a digital set-top box where you can stream online content or just play items (video, photos, movies, songs) you had stored in your local memory drive.

The add-ons above are often unofficial or not approved or endorsed by Kodi, but they are available, and many people use them without knowing that they are what it makes using Kodi for online streaming somewhat dangerous. If utilized as a projector or library for home, or private content, you will be ok, but if you want to watch movies or even live sports games via Kodi, you will benefit from acquiring a quality VPN.

Compatible devices

After being linked only to the Xbox in its origins, Kodi developers have gone a long way, and now this useful technology is available on Android, iOS/tvOS, Raspbian, Linux, BSD, Freescale, macOS, and virtually every Microsoft Windows-based operating system.

The setup and technology are there to use on any device you may have. Now you have to hide IP address on Kodi if you want to take the best from this online streaming and digital media center. Avoiding geo-blocking on some channels is imperative to enjoy this excellent market alternative thoroughly. That is where a Virtual Private Network (VPN) comes into the equation.

What is VPN and what it is important?

Hide IP Address on Kodi with VPN and Watch it All!

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is an online method to hide the user’s IP address. It allows it to “borrow” a new one matching the settings of the country selected for browsing/downloading content. In this case, it lets Kodi users bypass security controls that some pages, TV shows or movies can have.

One of the primary uses of a Virtual Private Network is the encryption of your data. Monitoring your online activity and tracking your identity and location will be virtually impossible for government institutions, hackers, and other malicious agents.

In open or free sharing platforms like Kodi, gaining privacy and security is vital because the threats out there are multiplied considerably. There are just too many dangers in the web to let some critical bits of information, data or traffic slip. A VPN will help protect you from these factors, and will also let you unblock specific channels and streaming sites restricted for geographical or location reasons.

How to hide your IP address on Kodi

We know now that it is essential to maintain a low profile on Internet, especially if one is going to venture on some other country’s networks and sites. In this case, Kodi allows you to watch all types of content and audiovisual material, but you will thoroughly enjoy the experience if you hide your IP address from some sites and download, view or stream with total freedom.

If you want to leave absolutely no trace of your online engagements and activities, then you should get a VPN service, especially if you’re going to use a tool like Kodi. With a quality VPN, your traffic will be so encrypted that it will remain a mystery to every potential agent online, even your internet provider will not have a clue how to trace you.

If you want to hide your IP address on Kodi, there are a series of stages that you need to fulfill. Those are:

  • You have to download and install a VPN server of your preference in the device in which you are using Kodi. Another option, if you have more than one device, is to install the VPN server directly in the router.
  • Sign in the VPN app.
  • Connect to a VPN server in the country selected (ideally, it will be a nation from which you want to unblock content or bypass geo-blocking).
  • Launch Kodi and watch content, TV shows, movies, apps and games in anonymity, because your IP address will now remain hidden and protected from geo-blocking.

Best VPN options

Keep in mind that there are VPN options that better fit some needs and requirements than others. Some are safer than others but significantly decrease your Internet speed, for example. It is because of this that you need to take a look at your needs and your budget before deciding which option to hire.

Of the thousand alternatives available in the VPN universe, one of the best and most recommended is TorGuard, because it guarantees anonymity while navigating the high and turbulent waters of the web and this will enhance and promote a privacy feeling.

TorGuard makes its customers feel protected with their customer service care, available 24 hours, and seven days a week. This VPN Company has over 1200 servers in more than 40 different locations, proving that their range of service is broad.

Internet speed will hardly lose any steam with TorGuard VPN, as this is a problem that many brands have, but the folks at TorGuard do an outstanding job in this department, as in many others.

Other alternatives besides TorGuard include PIA, IPVanish, and ExpressVPN. They will do their job, performing the necessary tasks for what you acquired them for and not letting you down.

Hide IP Address on Kodi with VPN and Watch it All!  Hide IP Address on Kodi with VPN and Watch it All!  Hide IP Address on Kodi with VPN and Watch it All!
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The Verdict

In conclusion, it is effortless to install a VPN server on your device and hide IP address on Kodi, and this will allow you to go “incognito” on the web. You will also be able to download, unblock and enjoy every kind of content in any country in the world because your “online identity,” which means your IP address, will not be your own.

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