How to Unblock Wikipedia


Are you in a strict government controlled country that has blocked Wikipedia access? This might mean you’re somewhere like China, or Russia where the free flow of information has started to be censored.

In a lot of countries things like Porn is censored under the guise that it protects children, but then other adult content follows soon, and then other sites like Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms which are accused of hosting “terrorists” or free thinkers who question authority.

You can find “pornographic content” on Wikipedia, but you can also find any educational content. It’s a pick and chooses type of system that governments use to censor content, and it always creates problems.

Fortunately, if you want to unblock Wikipedia, you’ve come to the right place.

How to unblock Wikipedia in 4 easy steps:


Find a VPN provider that works in your country. If you want a VPN provider that works globally, check out TorGuard VPN since it works with China, and it has the best combination of supported countries + servers. It’s also super fast and has multiple tools (Stealth VPN) that help you stay secure while accessing blocked websites.

Step #2

Once you decide on your VPN provider, download their app and connect to a server outside of your country that blocks Wikipedia. restrictions.

Step #3

Once you pick a server, you will have an IP address that looks like it is in that country you connected to. So if you’re in China, Russia–where ever, you can connect to the US and gain access to Wikipedia. In essence, the VPN connection bypasses the restrictions placed on your connection by your ISP.

Step #4

Once you connect to the new location, you can go to Wikipedia and test it out! You can now access Wikipedia and the entirety of the information.

Wikipedia is one of the best resources on the web and one of the most popular websites as well. It has hundred of thousands of articles and web pages dedicated to educational content on history, people, and other systems in the global society.

By using a VPN to unblock Wikipedia, you are giving yourself the opportunity to learn about the world as it is, not how your government or country wants it to be.

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