How to Use US Netflix in Italy

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NETFLIX Italy has added 25 films since the New Year. That’s less than it’s removed from the website and less than half than the additions to its American counterpart. In total, Italy has less than one-fifth the catalog size of NETFLIX US. It is no wonder that an Italian subscriber, or anyone traveling abroad, would want access to NETFLIX US.

NETFLIX and similar streaming sites like Amazon and Hulu prevent using other country’s versions by enforcing strict, geographical restrictions. In the past, one could use VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) to circumvent these borders.


How to Use US Netflix in Italy

But if you’ve been one to use this strategy in the past or are up to date with NETFLIX news, then you know that the company has dedicated itself to blocking all attempts to avoid their restrictions.

The company has technology that alerts and blocks an IP address being used by multiple NETFLIX accounts at once. They took this route because many VPNs use the same IP for many customers.

There was a mild backlash when this first started. Reed Hastings (CEO) responded by calling the complainers ‘inconsequential’ This attitude shows us that they will not be slowing down their anti-VPN and anti-Proxy efforts anytime soon.

It is this very stance that is keeping Italian users from accessing over 4000 NETFLIX US titles like Captain America: Civil War.


How to Use US Netflix in Italy

VPNs are still the solution. The bummer about it all is your selection of which VPNs still work with NETFLIX has dwindled drastically. Popular services like ExpressVPN and HolaVpn have sadly stopped working with the popular streaming site.

But there are still some outliers. To understand the situation better, we must first answer: How do VPNs work?

VPNs assign a specific IP address to your device and ISP. That new IP can be in a completely different country. So, if you’re in ITALY and choose a VPN server in the US, you can now access websites only available in that country. Websites like NETFLIX US.

Notably, servers based in the area in your new IP country that is closest to you will have the strongest connection. For example, if you’re in ITALY and want to use NETFLIX US, you will want a server based on the East Coast of the United States. Preferably somewhere like New York or Maine.

After testing and verifying dozens of popular VPNs, TorGuard (TorGuard Review) emerged as the most reliable for this task. It’s strong, safe, and equipped with a 24/7 live chat for all of your customer service questions. It works mostly due to its reliance on dedicated IPs. This means that each user is assigned their own, unique IP address, disallowing NETFLIX’s security to detect IP abuse.

Not all VPNs can say the same.

The Following VPNs No Longer Work with Netflix (tested and verified):

And just so you know, if you already have a NETFLIX France account, you do NOT need to pay for a new US account. Nor do you need a new, separate, dedicated ISP. Your current one will be fine.


Most all of them.

VPNs like TorGuard can be easily installed using easy to use apps on your tablets, smart TV, game consoles, computers or phones. If a smart TV, Roku, Apple TV, or Amazon Firestick, is how you stream, the VPN can be installed directly to your router.

For more info and easy to follow directions, refer to this article here.


TorGuard and other VPNs like it use encryption to disguise your browsing and prevent tracking. This means no websites, ISP, or overzealous government will be stealing or tracking any of your activity. So, you’re free to watch NETFLIX US, download on P2P sites, and torrent perfectly as many times as you’d like.


Free VPNs are slow, unreliable, and often malicious. You’d be best served to stay away from them as none of them will provide you the customer service you’ll need OR enable you to access NETFLIX US.

We discussed the pitfalls of Free VPNs in this article.


NETFLIX US has more than three times the content than NETFLIX Italy. If you want to access that content and watch shows like Bob’s Burgers and movies like The Jungle Book, then do yourself a favor and get acquainted with a VPN like TorGuard.

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