How to Use US Netflix in Mexico

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The average Netflix user spends over 1.5 hours per day streaming with the service. For users of Netflix USA, this isn’t an issue because of their massive library. But for NETFLIX Mexico subscribers, the amount of quality content is limited and pales in comparison to its neighbor to the north.

For example, since January 1st, 2017, less than 30 new titles have been added to the Mexico version of the streaming site. The USA version has seen more than 50, including popular titles like V for Vendetta, Superman, and Alice Through the Looking Glass.

In recent years, users of non-US streamers could circumvent blockades from abroad. Users could use a wide variety of VPN services to connect to the superior version of Netflix from anywhere in the world. But in the last few months, NETFLIX has continued to wage an all-out war on VPN users, leading to the NETFLIX Proxy Error.

CEO of the popular company, Reed Hastings, has called angered VPN users ‘inconsequential’ to their business. ‘A very small but quite vocal minority.’ He used their stable subscription and profit numbers as evidence for this. And they’ve shown no signs of letting up the fight.

What this means for casual NETFLIX Mexico users is that they’re now missing out on fantastic US titles like Parks and Rec, Captain America: Civil War, The Jungle Book (2016). In fact, as of January 11th, 2017, NETFLIX Mexico only has 52.38% the amount of content that America has. Mexico carries less than 3000 movies and TV shows while the US has 5,750 and growing.


The answer is the same as it always was: VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). The only difference now is that your options for high quality, reliable VPN services has become more limited.
VPNs allow you to set up an IP address in a different country, adding both privacy and security to your internet experience.

Your internet runs through the VPN and allows you, the user, to access websites you may not be able to previously because of geographical discrimination. It’s important to note that you DO NOT need a new ISP (Internet Service Provider) to use a VPN.

Similarly, when it comes to using sites like NETFLIX with a VPN, you DO NOT need a new Netflix account. Once your IP Address is rooted in the US, you will be able to use Netflix US.


How to Use US Netflix in Mexico

Pablo Escobar from Netflix Show “Narcos”

There are multiple ways to set-up your VPN. There are apps for your Mac, PC, or smartphone that allow for simple, quick access to VPN web surfing. If your NETFLIX account is hooked up through a game console, Roku, or Amazon Firestick; it’s simple to set-up a VPN directly on your router.

For further instruction on set-up for these specific devices, follow the steps in this article.

You may be asking: Won’t my ISP, foreign websites, or the government be able to track my activity? The answer is no. A good VPN encrypts all of your traffic, preventing tracking. So, if you’ve ever gotten an email claiming copyright violations because you got caught torrenting My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic; a VPN could’ve prevented that.


For our money, TorGuard (TorGuard Review) is the best and most reliable VPN service to access NETFLIX in 2017. Their customer support is top notch (talk to their live chat here) and they offer a variety of server locations, including US, Japan, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, and UK.

TorGuard offers dedicated IPs that circumvent NETFLIX’s detection. Other VPN services will issue the same IP address to thousands of users. NETFLIX’s security is entirely based the around alerts about shared IP addresses. So these inferior VPN networks trigger NETFLIX’s security system, causing the Proxy Error that many people can now avoid with the use of TorGuard.

Some VPNs that no longer work with Netflix (tested and verified):


How to Use US Netflix in Mexico

No!!! IT’S a TRAP!

Free VPNs are unreliable, slow, and often have 0 customer support (unlike TorGuard). Also, since these VPNs are used so little, the chances you’ll be able to spot a scam before getting affected is very high. And most importantly for you: None of them will get you access to NETFLIX USA.

For more info on Free VPNs and why they’re a bad idea, check out our detailed article here.


If you’re a NETFLIX Mexico user who needs their fix of Bob’s Burgers, Kung Fury, or the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated show: TorGuard is your only hope.

Spark has a simple mission to help you chose the best VPN without any bias. Which VPN do I use? See it here!

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