How to Use VPN with Bless Online


Bless Online is one of the newest Asian-inspired MMORPGs coming out with fantastic visuals, crazy character customization, and tons of content. The only thing is that it’s not out right now in the US, so if you want to access the Bless Russian open beta test, or play the game in further tests, you will need a VPN.

This guide will show you how to use a VPN with Bless online, as well as how to access it and install the english patch. My recommended gaming VPN is TorGuard since you can get it for 15$ for 6 months with code “TGLifeTime50”. That’s only $2.50 a month, or you can choose the one month sub for $5.

How to Use VPN with Bless Online

Step #1 Get a good gaming VPN

Step #2 Download game client here.

Step #3 Install Bless Online.

Step #4 Once Bless Online is installed, launch your VPN and connect to a Russian server. This tricks the client into thinking you are in Russia, which gives you access to the open beta. Once it launches and you can see the splash art show up on your screen, you can disconnect the VPN. Or just keep it on, since if you turn it off and log off, your IP might be flagged and your access restricted.

How to Play Bless Online with English Patch

How to Use VPN with Bless Online

You can disconnect VPN after seeing this image.

If you need the English patch, download the patcher here.  Once you download it, follow the instructions and extract it to a folder. Then, run it as admin to prevent errors (keep trying if there is an error), then once the patcher pops up, locate your bless files and find the folder title named “BLESS”. From here, select it and click “PATCH”.

Now run the game with TorGuard again, then you can disconnect after splash (remember to reconnect at logout), or just keep it on.

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