IPVanish vs NordVPN – Which is Better?

IPVanish vs NordVPN – Which is Better?

Both NordVPN and IPVanish VPN have been around for awhile, maturing their VPN apps, services, and becoming powerful security companies for the end consumer. But at the end of the day, one has to be better right? Sure, there can be some variations, but in this comparison, we are going to decide once and for all which is worth YOUR money.


NordVPN is the more expensive option in terms of month to month costing $11.95 compared to IPVanish’s standard $10 monthly tag, but NordVPN does pull ahead of IPVanish in terms of longer more unique commitments like 1, 2 and 3 year plans. However, IPVanish has a discount running on their site quite often if you load the page and wait a bit that gives 20% off, which gives IPVanish a major advantage in every pricing category.

Winner? IPVanish VPN. Long Term without Discount? NordVPN. 


Both VPNs have similar apps with comparable features and interfaces. NordVPN has slightly more visual design based on a huge map, whereas IPVanish looks more like a traditional VPN app. Both apps have kill switches, controls on how the app performs on startup, and plenty of servers to choose from.

IPVanish provides slightly more controls to change protocol options with older protocols available, and it has the option to use a minimal layout, whereas NordVPN has more options with specialized servers that have worked with Netflix in some of my tests.

Overall, I think NordVPN’s app feels a bit newer and more modern, but IPVanish VPN’s app is still as solid as ever.

Winner? NordVPN. 

Visit NordVPN Visit IPvanish


IPVanish and NordVPN both have very good speeds. However, in my tests, I found that IPVanish performed better for torrenting.

Winner? IPVanish.

Customer Service

Neither one of these VPNs have live chat when I visit their websites (unlike TorGuard). Both have standard ticket systems, and I’ve found that IPVanish is exceedingly quick in response times, so I’ll give a slight edge to IPVanish here.

Winner? IPVanish. 

Extra Features

If you want extra features, I think the winner goes to NordVPN, since it’s lately increased compatibility with Netflix working sometimes. However, both of these VPNs included BitTorrent proxies (although IPVanish’s setup and use is easier). Both VPNs come with a good amount of simultaneous connections, extensions, and applications. NordVPN wins by a slight margin, but if you want the best VPN for Netflix I’d check out this Netflix Proxy Error Fix.

Winner? NordVPN. 


Overall, the winner is IPVanish. IPVanish has cheaper pricing plans available per month, and it also has better speeds. You can expect great customer service as well, even if NordVPN also has decent options for support tickets. Overall, these two VPNs are fairly close in comparison, and are among some of the best VPNs here on the site. You can’t go wrong with either, but most of the customers here on the site as well as myself prefer IPVanish since it has a better reputation and better known workability.

Visit NordVPN Visit IPvanish

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