Is PureVPN Good? 6 Things They Don’t Tell You about PureVPN


Is PureVPN good? We already covered them in an extensive PureVPN review here where you can see some of the good/bad, but today we are going to take another updated look at the service in 2017 to give you a bit of an update of what we think of the service to help you decide if you should use the VPN, or stay far far away in another galaxy.

Is it all bad?

Today I’ve come up with some major points that need to be considered on PureVPN. These points will mainly cover what you need to watch out for and be aware of. This article will focus on the BAD.

But to be fair as an objective VPN reviewer at heart, it’s not ALL bad–really. Some good things about PureVPN are that it has decent speeds, standard pricing, some extra services, five simultaneous connections, a good protocol selection and support for OpenVPN, and an OK website.  

Now, onto the bad.

So is PureVPN a Good VPN? 6 Reasons Why It’s Bad

Is PureVPN Good? 6 Things They Don't Tell You about PureVPN

Point #1 Hacked TWICE

PureVPN has been hacked a few times–which is very bad since the entire network and purpose of the brand is to protect your security and information.

It was hacked once in 2013 in which the entire customer DB compromised. Then it was hacked again in 2016, and we covered that here in which the site had a page hosting malware–even though the company tried to make light of the issue by claiming that no one was accessing the page.  

Point #2 VERY Poor speeds

PureVPN claims it’s the fastest VPN anywhere, and I see a ton of VPN reviewers that are paid off by the brand claiming it’s super fast when it’s just not. I get a huge reduction in speeds when using VPN that I don’t get with other better providers like TorGuard or Private Internet Access. PureVPN averages around 50 Mbps whereas other VPN providers that I just mentioned get around 100 Mbps.

Point #3 Spends all $ on advertising and marketing not improving their service

PureVPN is AGGRESSIVE when it comes to paying trolls, emailing me about their service, emailing YOU about their VPN, and just spreading nonsense everywhere about their VPN. You can see them topping the rankings of other paid off websites, posting on my forums to promote their service, and just spending way too much money on ads. The bad thing is that all of this money could be spent elsewhere like improving their speeds and service.

Point #4 App isn’t that great to use (defaults to weak encryption)

While PureVPN did release a new VPN app that is miles better than the old one, I still have problems with it. It doesn’t default to the best encryption rate; it’s laggy, hard to navigate, and pretty user unfriendly. The mobile app also sucks!

Point #5 Mobile software sucks

Picking a server is a chore the app is clunky to use, and I always experience multiple crashes when testing out the PureVPN app. There are much better mobile apps for VPN providers out there!

Point #6 Bad support

You wouldn’t think support is a huge issue, but PureVPN made it so. First, when you want to talk to someone you have to fill out a ton of info. Then, most of the agents just copy/paste responses, so it feels like you are talking to a robot.

My experience in my review was horrible, and you can see that here in my full PureVPN review. The basic story is that I got ignored a few times, my tickets got screwed up, and I couldn’t get a refund.

PureVPN Alternatives?

Alright, you get IT! PureVPN probably isn’t the best VPN to use in 2017. So what is? Well, for starters I’d check out some of our reviews of top rated VPNs! Each one of these VPNs has better speeds than PureVPN, better apps, better speeds, and overall better services in general.

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GhostVPN Review 

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Spark has a simple mission to help you chose the best VPN without any bias. Which VPN do I use? See it here!

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