Learn How to Unblock Minecraft at School


One of the most widely spread and highly regarded games of this generation, Minecraft is a creation of Swedish developer Markus Persson. Perfected and developed by Mojang, it can be best described as a “sandbox” video game in which people can create buildings of all kinds with 3D blocks.

In the title, the player gets to look for materials and resources, and also explore a map and craft. The game can be enjoyed individually, but a multiplayer option is also available, as is a survival mode in which the user needs to acquire the required resources to “build the world” and save it.

Minecraft also provides a “creative mode,” allowing players to fly, build, and create anything they want with unlimited materials. The “adventure mode” lets people go on quests on maps created by others. A hardcore mode and a spectator mode complete the title’s offerings.

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Learn How to Unblock Minecraft at School

A truly widespread game

The game has been lauded worldwide for its creativity promotion. It has even won awards and other accolades. Such is its reach that there are conventions dedicated to discussing Minecraft experiences and sharing fandom. It has been, so far, the second best-selling video game in history.

Minecraft is widely popular: by the end of last year, there were nearly 75 million monthly active players, an astonishing number that can beat virtually any other game. It is now owned and managed by tech giant Microsoft.

Users of Microsoft Windows, MacOS, and Linux get to enjoy Minecraft without restrictions. The game was released on November 2011, and it has been quite the success story from the moment of its inception to the ever-demanding market.

Minecraft and blocking issues

There are no blocking issues with the game per se. You don’t need an Internet connection to enjoy the single player mode. However, for multiplayer, you should be online. Otherwise, it won’t be possible.

The problem with Minecraft, if it can be called that way, is that it is so addictive that people may find themselves playing it in the wrong places and at the wrong time. For example, at school or work.

That is why some school directors and boards have decided to block access to the game within their internal networks because students often lose sight of their didactical and educational objectives because they are playing Minecraft. A similar scenario presents itself in more offices and corporate establishments that you may imagine.

It’s a complicated situation because Minecraft has been acclaimed as an educational game that opens up creativity and the ability to make prepared decisions in life. If you are a student, and you have finished your test with 30 minutes of anticipation, you deserve to enjoy little free time while playing the game.

To bypass school or office Minecraft blocking, you need to make your connection appear to be coming from a different place than the internal network of your educational institution or workplace. Doing that may involve changing your IP address.

The best tool to spoof your location while being online is called VPN. Those letters stand for Virtual Private Networks, and they can help you modify your shown connection area and bypass any blocking measures to enjoy Minecraft whenever you want.

VPN: your passport to entertainment

A VPN for Minecraft will help you, not only to avoid being blocked from accessing the game, but also to prevent DDoS attacks and unwanted contact with hackers, malware developers, cybercriminals, and other online threats.

The VPN technology implements protocols to build a virtual tunnel in which all the critical user and connection information (data shared, traffic, and IP address) will pass. That is why a VPN app can provide privacy, security, and anonymous browsing.

However, the reason why people look for VPN apps is that they are fantastic unblocking tools. Since they can hide the user’s IP address and lend him, or her, a different one from another location (these services have a list of offered countries,) they can trick networks, channels, streaming services, or online games into thinking that the users are connecting from that place and not from where they actually are.

That is why, for example, a person located in Brazil can get to watch the American Netflix region. Connecting to the Netflix app under normal circumstances would mean that the person will see the Brazilian version, but by acquiring an American IP number through your VPN provider, you could unblock the best catalog of all.

If you want to learn how to unblock Minecraft at school, you need to hire a VPN provider and obtain an IP address different from those within the institution’s network. That way, the blocking measure won’t have any effect on your device.

How to unblock Minecraft at school or work with a VPN

  • Select a VPN provider with servers in different locations around the world.
  • Open your chosen VPN’s web page.
  • Sign up for the VPN service. You will have to provide some personal information and a payment method. It is essential that you choose a VPN with a robust reputation because you don’t want it to share your data with third parties.
  • Create a username and a password.
  • Download the VPN app or client in your device.
  • Install it on your device.
  • Launch the VPN app.
  • Sign in with the credentials you previously configured.
  • Connect to a virtual server from another country. One inside your city may do the job, too.
  • Bypass Minecraft blocking and enjoy your gaming experience.

TorGuard: Best VPN for Minecraft

Learn How to Unblock Minecraft at School

TorGuard is an outstanding VPN service that offers top-end encryption and concise privacy policy, not to mention years of service safeguarding people’s online security. It has excellent speeds and virtually no DNS or IPv6 leaks whatsoever, but the best thing is that it provides users with more than 3,000 servers to choose from if they want to unblock Minecraft at school.

Bottom line, Minecraft is almost seven years old and is, still, one of the most widely played games throughout the world. It is recommended for creativity stimulation, and it is quite entertaining for all ages.

However, such is its fame that students may play it in their schools at the wrong moments. Thus, some boards decided that it would be better for all parties involved to block access to Minecraft.

If you finished your assignments, then you deserve some entertaining time. To unblock Minecraft at school, hire the services of a VPN provider and obtain another IP address. With that, the ban should be off.

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