Learn How to Watch Telecinco from Anywhere

Watch Telecinco Outside Spain

Among the thousands of television networks and channels that provide the option of online streaming, only a few of them stand out and have reached international fame as real top alternatives for entertainment. It is crucial to separate the ‘good’ from the ‘great,’ as each passing day, more and more mediocre options populate the market.

One of the genuinely great communications consortiums in the Hispanic world is Telecinco, a Spanish commercial television channel. It is the most widely known broadcasting network in the European area, and arguably the top choice for the entertainment of all kinds in its country of origin.

The company that operates Telecinco is Mediaset España Comunicación. In the past, it was known as Tele 5 but got its name changed in 1997 to its current form. The number five is because, when launched, it became the fifth national terrestrial TV channel in Spain.

Telecinco Best Spanish TV Network?

Learn How to Watch Telecinco from Anywhere

Telecinco’s slogan tells you everything you need to know: “Déjate llevar por la pasión” (Let passion drive you.) In Telecinco, people work with a smile on their faces to bring viewers the best online content in the Spanish market.

Telecinco’s top spot in the Spanish people preferences is not in question, and this is especially remarkable given the nation is well-known for the talent on the television, communications and broadcasting industry. Telecinco holds a 14.5% market share, the highest of the field.

What does Telecinco Have to Watch?

The channel has programs, TV shows, and series for all tastes. It also projects movies and original series. Some of the most widely recognized productions are La que se avecina, Tierra de Lobos, Sin tetas no hay paraíso, Got Talent, and Aída, Crónicas Marcianas, Hay una cosa que te quiero decir and the talent show The Voice. Besides those, Telecinco is famous for its reality shows, such as Gran Hermano, Supervivientes, Hotel Glam, Operación Triunfo, and more.

Shows like El Programa de Ana Rosa, the afternoon and famous show Sálvame and the weekly Salvame Deluxe have also gained national fame and are very sought after for viewers in all autonomous communities from Spain.

The channel is available in Spain terrestrially thanks to Digital (Mux 68) and via satellite thanks to Movistar+ (Channel 15.) Euskatel, ONO, and R broadcast Telecinco’s signal via cable television, while the streaming media link is Mitele.es.

Learn to use Mitele.com from any country of the world

Mitele.com is the platform for online streaming, available for free for Telecinco fans to enjoy all the previously mentioned shows and more. Football matches, including those of Spanish La Liga and the Copa del Rey, where teams such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Atlético de Madrid, Valencia and Athletic Bilbao compete for the glory in a weekly basis. In addition to broadcasting the Telecinco signal, Mitele also shows Cuatro, FDF, Divinity and others), live and on-demand.

Despite Mitele showing several Spanish channels at no cost, there is a significant issue with the platform, one which most online streaming services around the world can’t escape. International users, which represent a more than sizable portion of Telecinco’s market share, can’t enjoy the best features from outside the country because of geographical reasons. Almost every page or site on the Internet is destined to show its content only in the region or nation in which it operates, so it is no surprise.

Mitele has several services and shows open for international views, but the vast majority of the series and shows that have made the channel famous are geo-blocked: you have to be in Spain to enjoy the online streaming broadcast signal without aid.

The ‘American’ shows are viewable only with a Spanish IP: CSI Miami for example. That is also true for shows like El Rey, Gran Hermano, Aida, and the football matches of La Liga, Champions League, and Copa del Rey. If you are, say, in France, Mexico, South Africa or the Philippines, and try to open one of the mentioned series or programs, the following message will appear: “Este es un contenido geobloqueado. Éste video solo está disponible en territorio español”.

Why you need a VPN for Telecinco

Learn How to Watch Telecinco from Anywhere

To overcome that message, you need to trick the system into thinking you are in Spain, and not abroad. Each computer and internet connection has what it is called an IP address, the number that is used to identify it as a different entity to the other ones existing. An IP address can tell if you are in a specific country. With a VPN, which is the short name for Virtual Private Network, your system will acquire a different ‘online identity,’ and the best part is that most quality providers have a list of servers in several countries for you to choose.

If you are not in Spain and want to enjoy all the features and services of Telecinco, all you need to do is hire a reliable VPN client and connect to a Spanish server. That way, when you open the streaming site of the channel, the message previously described will disappear, and you will be able to enjoy all the series and shows of the signal.

In addition to letting you watch Telecinco outside of Spain, a VPN will help you reach satisfactory levels of privacy and anonymity, which will, as a consequence, enhance your security against some of the most obnoxious and annoying Internet agents. Since a VPN uses encryption protocols such as OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSec, and SSL to reroute critical information about yourself and your connection, it serves as a measure to hide from the governmental surveillance. Also, you can escape hackers, the spying activities of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and even the tracking and mapping applications from Google and other big web companies.

Learn How to Watch Telecinco from Anywhere  Learn How to Watch Telecinco from Anywhere
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How to watch Telecinco outside of Spain

The only things you need to watch Telecinco outside of Spain are a little money on your wallet (most quality VPN services cost between $7 and $13) and choosing a Virtual Private Network with one or more servers in Spain. Follow these steps:

  • Select a VPN with high speeds, no throttling, robust encryption measures and protocols, and servers in Spain.
  • Go to the web page of your chosen VPN and register. It should only take a few minutes of your time.
  • After having provided personal information and a payment method, download the client or app to your device.
  • Launch your VPN in your preferred device.
  • Sign in with your recently created credentials.
  • When logged in, select a Spanish location for your IP address and establish a connection.
  • Go to Mitele’s website and find Telecinco.
  • Search the show, series or game you want to enjoy.
  • Open the streaming page of the show, and the geo-blocking message will disappear!


In conclusion, Telecinco is one of the most prominent TV channels in Europe, let alone Spain, where it has nearly 15% of the market share. Millions of people tune in daily to watch, whether it is via TV or online streaming, quality shows such as El Rey, Gran Hermano, Aida, CSI, El Programa de Ana Rosa, Sálvame, and dozens of weekly football games.

While some of them are available for international users, the vast majority are destined to Spanish viewers only, and when people from outside the country try to enter the streaming service of Telecinco (managed by Mitele.com,), they encounter a geo-blocking message.

If you want to overcome this little problem and watch Telecinco outside of Spain, you need to hire the services of a worthy VPN service provider. It is one of the few ways that the Internet provides to spoof your location and make the system believe you are requesting to enter the streaming service from within Spain when in reality, you are just temporarily changing your IP address into one from that nation.

By following a short series of steps, Telecinco will become available to you once you have downloaded and set up your VPN client. You won’t be sorry.

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