Onavo VPN Collecting Data Worse than we Thought!

Onavo VPN Collecting Data Worse than we Thought!

Only just recently I wrote and made a video about Onavo VPN for Android and iOS. I cautionated users that while the app was free and easy to use, the app didn’t really have much of a point at all, since all the data collected while you use the app was being harvested instead of encrypted and not seen. Essentially, using Onavo VPN for Android or iOS is like willingly giving the company that owns Onavo–that being Facebook, complete access to your data. And now, a security researcher has found out just how far exactly that goes.

Will Strafach, a security researcher, has turned up evidence that Facebook is potentially collecting information about a user’s device not just the outgoing traffic conducted through the app. It collects data SEPARATE from server side logging, which means that it collects data from Wi-Fi usage and daily cellular data, as well as detecting when the device is turned on and off.  Here is the total list of data that Strafach was able to find that the app was collecting:

  • Cellular carrier name
  • Mobile network code
  • Local/language
  • iOS version
  • Onavo app version
  • Screen status (on/off)
  • Daily cellular data usage
  • Daily wi-fi data usage

Facebook Can Do WHATEVER They Want with your Data!

Are we surprised? Well, not really. The app explicity states that it plans to collect “Information about your mobile applications and data usage, including the applications installed on your device, your use of those applications, the websites you visit, and the amount of data you use.” Sure they are being honest, but is it really up to us to read the fine print with an app like this that masquerades itself as being an aid to online privacy when it’s anything but? Talk about false advertising!

Not only that, but Facebook through Onavo can also do WHATEVER they want with your data. They can give away  “personally identifiable information” to affiliates, service providers, and law enforcement– as well as other entities, under a variety of different circumstances.

Not only that, but if Facebook does decide to sell Onavo to another company, your data could be moved along to the highest bidder.

Onavo VPN through Facebook is one  of the best examples I’ve been able to find recently of why you shouldn’t just use any mobile app on the Google Play Store or iOS app store. Most free VPNs on these stores are worthless at best, and scams at worst, collecting your data for free while giving slow speeds and excuses to harvest your data while providing barely any real use case or security.

If you want to use a REAL VPN that protects your data, security, and doesn’t sell off your data for their own benefit, you’ll need to use a VPN that is PAID!! Find my recommendations, as always, below or in the rankings here at Best10VPN.com.

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Onavo VPN Collecting Data Worse than we Thought!  Onavo VPN Collecting Data Worse than we Thought!
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