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Review Pros / SaferVPN has made a ton of improvements to their VPN software with more servers available, better speeds, better security features, and their core VPN offering remains a solid affordable VPN choice.

Cons / SaferVPN still only has one torrent server.

Verdict / Perhaps with even cheaper price, or more torrent servers, or even faster speeds, SaferVPN could be a definite VPN recommendation for anyone. There’s not too much wrong with it per-se. However, some competitors offer faster speeds and cheaper prices with similar offerings. However, what’s here is not bad at all, with a good pricing model, and many improvements to be had in only a year or two since I last reviewed it. If you want a “noob” friendly VPN, SaferVPN is an excellent choice to try out since it’s one of the few VPNs to offer a free trial service with no limitations for 24 hours.

Review (4.1 / 5)

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SaferVPN is a newer VPN that keeps it simple. But are SaferVPN’s services too simple to remain useful? Keep reading to find out in this SaferVPN review!

Pricing 9/10


SaferVPN’s new pricing model in 2017

SaferVPN has an attractive pricing scheme that lets you get a cheaper monthly subscription if you only want to use one device at a time with the VPN.  SaferVPN has increasd their price to $8.99 a month, but this is still a decent price. This price comes in at $5.99 which is among the lowest we’ve seen. The standard three device cost is $8.99 which is still affordable. An annual subscription is a bit pricey, however, at around $107 while the basic VPN is $71.90 for a year. I would have liked to see more options between monthly and annually, like quarterly or semi-quarterly. However, it is great to see versatile payment options including BitCoin, as well as a free trial available.


Old Pricing

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Software 7/10



SaferVPN has a well-designed, if simple, VPN software. However, if this is what they set out to do, I can already say they are fairly successful already.

Review You have the basics that allow you to switch servers, connect, and change your protocol. Between now and when I did my last review of SaferVPN, they’ve also implemented a network kill switch which is great to see. I didn’t expect any IP leak protection features or any other extra complexities–and I wasn’t surprised to find them missing here. You won’t find any script settings, proxy settings, or dedicated IP address integration, but that is fine since the app wants to be simpler and easier to configure–which it is.

It’s easy just to connect and pick an automatic server. Connection times are good, and as a whole the entire app feels easy to use and easy to setup as well. SaferVPN has also buffed up their server selection which much more servers available to choose from.

Mobile Software 9/10

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I was very thankful that SaferVPN designed an application where you can connect to the VPN within the application. It has the same white and blue color scheme from its PC counterpart, but the connection page overlays a huge flag in the background which feels a bit tacky. Overall, the application works fine, even if it doesn’t have any settings to tinker with or customize.

Extra Services 7/10

SaferVPN now has a browser proxy, has upped their simultaneous connections, and sells VPNs routers through a third party (flashrouters). This is a decent offering of extra services for a basic VPN. I would like to see more torrent control with a BitTorrent proxy, more Stealth Obfuscation options, and perhaps more features within their app. SaferVPN also doesn’t seem to work with Netflix, but most VPNs don’t.

Website 8.5/10


SaferVPN offers a clean and modern website that is both easy to navigate, and a pleasure to look at. You can tell that their website is new and that they’ve spent a fair amount of money on graphic images and design. The result is a great experience and an amazingly simple setup that only requires your email and a password–nothing like Astrill VPN, which requires a phone verification, as well as your address and real name. SaferVPN doesn’t have a detailed feature table per se, but they do try to lay out their features in an organized fashion.

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Servers 6/10

Review SaferVPN seems to have a fair amount of locations around the globe, concentrating in the United States, and most of the servers we tested gave fairly good speeds on our speedtests and for basic uses. One thing I wish SaferVPN would do would be to implement more servers to be compatible with torrenting. 

They’ve definitely made improvements here however recently with more servers added.

Privacy 9/10

Review For their app, SaferVPN uses 256-AES encryption, and they don’t collect any important logs like your IP or your websites. They only collect info to improve their service, like connection times, and which servers you are using. Overall, a decent privacy policy.

Speeds 7/10

In our previous incarnation of the SaferVPN review, we were a bit disappointed by the speeds. But now with more servers and improvements, we got good ping and a good download rate in our tests. Our ping was around 21 MS, and we had a download rate of around 70 Mbps which is pretty good. However, for torrenting, you are still limited to the “netherlands” server which can hurt speeds for torrenting.

Support 10/10


SaferVPN has a well-organized support section with numerous guides if you have any trouble. SaferVPN also has a reliable live chat that is prompt. Very few VPN services out there support an active live chat, so it’s good to see SaferVPN taking lead with this one. 


SaferVPN is an easy to use VPN with a clean design and a great website. We would have liked to see more security features in the applications, access to torrenting, fewer logs, as well as better speeds and server selection.

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  • Great looking website + applications
  • Live chat is available
  • Applications work well
  • Speeds are decent
  • Free Trial
  • Strong encryption
  • Privacy policy is decent
  • Easy to use


  • Lacking some security features inside applications
  • Only one server for torrenting (Netherlands)
  • Some features of SaferVPN are beat out by competitors (it's not the cheapest, fastest, most versatile, etc)


Pricing - 9
Software - 7
Mobile Software - 9
Extra Services - 7
Website - 8.5
Servers - 6
Privacy - 9
Speeds - 7
Support - 10
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