A Guide to Unblock Quora in China

Have you ever had a question that may seem obvious in the first place, but you know the answer is more complicated than it appears to be? Well, you can answer it and all you may have thanks to Quora, a “Q&A” platform that can compete with any network of its kind. However, it is blocked in some locations, most notably China. To unblock it there, you may need a VPN, and we will expla...[Read More]

How to Unblock Twitch in China

Live video feeds are now extremely popular in several platforms and for various applications. For example, gaming addicts are always alert of their favorite developers’ channels to wait for news, new titles, and other information or details. One of the most influential and widespread ways to conduct a live streaming signal is via a Twitch account. It is a video and music streaming center kno...[Read More]

Unblock QQ Music Outside of China

Imagine you go to China on a vacation trip. You spend three weeks in the country and fall in love with the traditions, the music, the gastronomy, the millenary culture, and the landscapes. You find services you just can’t access in your home nation, but you have to return someday, don’t you? Leaving would mean that, if you liked to unblock QQ Music outside of China, you would need to h...[Read More]

Watch Bilibili Outside of China with a VPN

China is considered one of the most challenging countries to enjoy international entertainment options online. However, the fact that people can’t access many of the best foreign video sharing sites doesn’t mean that local talent is lacking or non-existent. To the contrary, there are more than a few options for users in the nation to choose. In this piece, you will learn how to watch B...[Read More]

How to Unblock WhatsApp in China

WhatsApp is, without a doubt, the most famous and widely-used instant message app among the vast Smartphone market. This service’s popularity goes well beyond a country or region: everybody knows about WhatsApp or has it on their devices. After all, it is the most straightforward way to stay connected and in communication with family and friends, wherever you are. WhatsApp has a user-friendl...[Read More]

Are VPNs Really Illegal in China?

Virtual Private Networks, or VPN, are using systems that can make your life way more comfortable. With them, you can increment your privacy and protection levels while browsing the web, a situation that has earned more attention as time goes by and hackers proliferate. VPNs are famous in many countries in the world: just a handful of them prohibit their use. Unfortunately, a small percentage of us...[Read More]

How To Unblock Youku Outside China Using VPN

Youku is a Beijing based video hosting service that offers many of its populace favorite and best kinds of videos, movies, TV Shows etc. for free. This is only for the people that live in the Mainland of China. The access granted to view is blocked geographically i.e. geo-blocked and therefore it is not accessible to people outside China. When trying to access the Youku channel outside o...[Read More]

China Jails Man for Selling VPNs

In China, using a VPN to circumvent the firewalls and internet restrictions is illegal. In January of this year, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology declared that it would be investigating and pursuing disorderly services like VPNs that allow users free reign over the internet. It was then that the government first started to really crack down on VPNs by declaring that in the c...[Read More]

60 VPN Apps Removed from China’s App Store

Apple’s recent decision to remove VPNs from the App Store has been highly criticized by the makers of several Virtual Private Networks. According to sources, 60 VPNs have been removed over the course of the weekend. Apple stated that it was legally required to remove the VPNs since they did not comply with new regulations. The highly successful company didn’t confirm the exact number o...[Read More]

Will Honor of Kings be Blocked in China Soon?

The PC gaming market is getting bigger and bigger, and one of the most popular gaming genres–that being MOBAs, are not done yet (even if the biggest MOBA of them all–League of Legends, came out in 2009). Now, LoL has hundreds of heroes, and millions of players with millions awarded in prize money. Games like Dota 2, Smite, and Heroes of the Storm dominate Twitch viewership with thousan...[Read More]

China Demands that Telecoms Block Access to VPNs

Another wave of censorship has hit China after this country’s government decided that VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) need to be blocked. The government has ordered telecoms to block access to VPN by February 1st, which will limit the window to the global internet even further. Many of China’s major telecommunication companies run by the state have already received this order. This inc...[Read More]

Top 10 Countries with Biggest Surveillance Issues

Depending on where you live, you probably have a lot of internet benefits that you might not even know of. Most of us have very little or no restrictions at all when it comes to our internet. We all have a connection in our homes, with great speeds, and the ability to access basically anything. That is why people are raising such a fuss whenever they can’t get something that they want. Howev...[Read More]

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