Back in 2013, the whole world was taken by surprise when Edward Snowden uncovered NSA’s global security apparatus. It was so powerful and large that it was easily covering all forms of digital communication. A similar thing happened just this year to CIA. Wikileaks got its hands on a trove of data belonging to this intelligence agency. Both of these leaks have given us insight into what and ...[Read More]

2017-07-10 07_33_40-Free illustration_ Finger, Fingerprint, Security – Free Image on Pixabay – 20811

Working as a whistleblower is extremely challenging, now more than ever. As the technology advances, the organizations that you are trying to investigate and unmask can increase their privacy, and even constantly monitor their employees. The bigger they get, the more dangerous they are, and harder it is for you to stay anonymous. Investigating the governments is by far the most difficult task sinc...[Read More]

2017-06-22 09_59_14-CIA – Google Search

Everyone who follows events concerning online community has probably heard about the hacking attempts by CIA. Thanks to WikiLeaks, we are now aware of the new, special technology that CIA uses to hack into other people’s routers. Even more, many believe that pretty much any product with internet access is vulnerable. That means that the list includes far more than just your desktop. A part o...[Read More]

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