We all wish to believe that we are anonymous during our online sessions. That our searches are our business, and that our online actions and interests are private. That, however, is not the case. Everything that you do online is known to your ISP unless you protect yourself with a VPN. But that is not all because there are also all those things that you Google, that are all getting recorded. In fa...[Read More]

2017-05-30 12_52_14-data wiping – Google Search

Hacking attacks are becoming a real issue, and a very big problem, especially recently. Not too long ago, we’ve had a great ransomware attack that has brought the attention of an entire world to this issue, and many companies that were affected are still not back to their old way of business. However, that’s still not the worst thing that could have happened to those companies, because...[Read More]


In this article, I want to clarify some common misconceptions I keep seeing pop up on Reddit as well as popular privacy and VPN websites like and These sites heavily favor EU-based providers and blatantly accuse US based VPN providers of being illegitimate or dangerous for your security. What does a home base mean for a VPN company? VPNs (virtual private networks) are ...[Read More]

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