Unencrypted iTunes Downloads: Everything You Need to Know

There are hundreds, even thousands of hackers out there on the web looking to gain access to sensitive data about users, information that could help them make a profit or obtain a benefit. Man in the middle attacks, DDoS attacks, scams, crypto mining malware, ransomware, content spying, and other dangerous or unwanted situations represent a threat to users worldwide. That is why people are looking...[Read More]

Learn How to Download Torrents on iPad without Jailbreaking

The torrenting fever isn’t going away anytime soon. People from all locations have identified torrenting as the most efficient way to acquire files online, whether they are movies, TV series, concerts, songs, documentaries, and other types of content. The activity is legal in the vast majority of places, and it is fairly convenient, too. The best thing is that you can download torrents on iP...[Read More]

What are the Best VPNs for Downloading?

Downloading files is a general thing on the Internet these days. As we speak, millions of people are torrenting, sharing large chunks of data in the form of movies, series, documentaries, concerts, albums, TV series and shows, and many more. However, downloading archives to your system is a hazardous proposition because criminals are ever-present in these kinds of platforms, and you also may need ...[Read More]

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