Unencrypted iTunes Downloads: Everything You Need to Know

There are hundreds, even thousands of hackers out there on the web looking to gain access to sensitive data about users, information that could help them make a profit or obtain a benefit. Man in the middle attacks, DDoS attacks, scams, crypto mining malware, ransomware, content spying, and other dangerous or unwanted situations represent a threat to users worldwide. That is why people are looking...[Read More]

How to Stay Anonymous as a Whistleblower

Working as a whistleblower is extremely challenging, now more than ever. As the technology advances, the organizations that you are trying to investigate and unmask can increase their privacy, and even constantly monitor their employees. The bigger they get, the more dangerous they are, and harder it is for you to stay anonymous. Investigating the governments is by far the most difficult task sinc...[Read More]

Encrypt your Android Phone from Hackers or Malware

These last few years were all about security and worrying about privacy and safety. That’s why Google decided that full-device encryption should be brought up into the daylight, and they did just that as early as in their Android Gingerbread (2.3.x). Of course, this was a while ago, and it has suffered a lot of changes from the original introduction of this method. For example, on some of th...[Read More]

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