What is the Best VPN for Google Fiber?

We all want the best and fastest Internet connection, no matter where we live. In a fast-paced world in which we are growing increasingly accustomed to achieving more things in less time, we need speed and efficiency in everything we do, even when we sit in front of a computer or do tasks in our smartphone. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about Google Fiber, one of the ...[Read More]

Is Outline VPN Really that Great? Here are the Risks

What is a VPN? For those of you that are not familiar with the VPN technology, here is a quick review: Virtual Private Networks, which is the full name of this useful online tool, uses a series of protocols to hide the user’s IP address and generated traffic with several intentions. First, masking a person’s online identity (which is what the IP address indicates,) generated content an...[Read More]

You can Survive Online without Google! Here is how

There is no denying that Google is the most potent Company on the Internet, and maybe in the world as a whole. Such is the global reach of this multitask online company that even people in the most remote locations on the planet are familiar with it. We may not notice, but we have let Google enter into everything we do in our lives. The problem is that we have allowed it to stay a little too much....[Read More]

Learn How to Delete Your Google Data Forever

We all wish to believe that we are anonymous during our online sessions. That our searches are our business, and that our online actions and interests are private. That, however, is not the case. Everything that you do online is known to your ISP unless you protect yourself with a VPN. But that is not all because there are also all those things that you Google, that are all getting recorded. In fa...[Read More]

How to Delete Your Personal History from Google

At this point, it is really a common knowledge that Google knows much more about you than your own friends. It has access to your search history, your preferences, as well as all different kinds of online activity. However, your browser history is not the same as your Google history. That means that you can delete your browsing history all you want, but Google will keep the one they collect. And t...[Read More]

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