How to Torrent on iPhone without Jailbreak

If you’re an iOS user, you might know the annoyance of being unable to download torrents onto your iPhone. The reason being is that Apple is very strict about protecting music, video, and other copyright licenses. If people are able to download torrent files through a native app on the app store, then it means less sales for the iTunes store. At the end of the day, Apple doesn’t really...[Read More]

9 Tips to Keep Hackers Away from Your iPhone

Your private information among other things can draw the line between a good and a bad public reputation. Privacy is a very valuable asset, yet it becomes harder every day to keep it safe from the ill-intentioned in the smartphone era. As we put more and more personal information in our devices, there is a higher risk of being deeply affected by any leaks in the security of the phone. iPhones are ...[Read More]

2017-06-07 09_27_17-itunes store – Google Search

As we’re sure that every Apple user already knows, iTunes is the single best way to buying and downloading pretty much any app ever made for Apple devices. The store is always innovative, and you can find new, popular, exciting apps that will capture your interest from the moment you download them. And, as the Apple Music advances, even your favorite songs have become available on iTunes. Th...[Read More]


A VPN can be used to help you get online anonymously and to avoid any local censorship or content restriction blocks. The strong encryption that comes with a VPN makes it more powerful than many other standard security measures like a firewall or antivirus program. Today you can use a VPN on mobile devices. The Apple iPhone particularly works with VPN support. But is it a safe option to have? Gett...[Read More]


Since the House of Representatives decided to allow ISPs to collect and sell your browsing data to anyone who wants it without your consent, many have started wondering what to do and how to protect themselves. VPNs have come into the light, and web searches for them have gone through the roof. Thousands upon thousands have started creating accounts, downloading apps, and we’re not just talk...[Read More]

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